Dowling One Name Study

London, England


Tree: Dowling-One-Name-Study

Latitude: 51.4611, Longitude: -0.0667


Matches 1 to 110 of 110

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Private  6 Jul 1924London, England I22443 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2   London, England I6807 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
3 , Mary A  1854London, England I19645 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
4 Belles, Martha  1795London, England I11845 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
5 Blincoe, Robert  1866London, England I21695 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
6 Card, Jane  1820London, England I19634 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
7 Card, Mary Ann  1792London, England I19625 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
8 Chalkley, Ann  1796London, England I16057 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
9 Chalkley, Ann  1836London, England I16065 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
10 Chalkley, Elizabeth  1826London, England I16061 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
11 Chalkley, Frederick  1829London, England I16062 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
12 Chalkley, Maria  1837London, England I16066 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
13 Chalkley, Robert  1833London, England I16063 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
14 Chalkley, Thomas  1835London, England I16064 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
15 Chalkley, Unnamed  1841London, England I16067 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
16 Chalkley, William  1796London, England I16048 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
17 Chalkley, William  1821London, England I16060 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
18 Cheal, John Richard  1844London, England I8741 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
19 Clow, Charlotte  1868London, England I22539 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
20 Corrie, Sidney  1833London, England I22387 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
21 Cox, Annie  24 Apr 1887London, England I9348 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
22 Cox, Frank  29 Jun 1873London, England I9351 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
23 Cox, Hubert John  7 Jun 1885London, England I9345 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
24 Dean, Arabella  1833London, England I9280 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
25 Dolen, Thomas  London, England I8598 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
26 Doolan, William  Abt 1856London, England I5340 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
27 Dowling, Ada Lavinia  2 Aug 1886London, England I14993 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
28 Dowling, Alexander D W  1856London, England I13720 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
29 Dowling, Alfred Septimus  1805London, England I5884 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
30 Dowling, Ann Dorcas  3 Mar 1784London, England I5876 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
31 Dowling, Anna  1814London, England I8573 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
32 Dowling, Annie  Abt 1842London, England I3453 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
33 Dowling, Charity  1812London, England I8575 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
34 Dowling, Charles Hutton  22 Jun 1822London, England I9174 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
35 Dowling, Charlot  1791London, England I26437 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
36 Dowling, Edward  Abt 1810London, England I6610 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
37 Dowling, Elenor C  Bef 1881London, England I6551 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
38 Dowling, Eliza  10 Sep 1799London, England I8585 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
39 Dowling, Eliza C  1821London, England I26439 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
40 Dowling, Elizabeth  20 May 1810London, England I6034 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
41 Dowling, Ellen  London, England I8076 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
42 Dowling, Ellen  London, England I1818 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
43 Dowling, Fanny  1805London, England I8580 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
44 Dowling, Frances Pomeroy  1814London, England I6036 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
45 Dowling, Frank Lewis  18 Oct 1823London, England I625 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
46 Dowling, G W  1816London, England I26438 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
47 Dowling, Irene  20 Jun 1886London, England I14992 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
48 Dowling, James  Abt 1851London, England I6546 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
49 Dowling, James C  Aug 1854London, England I8427 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
50 Dowling, Jemima  1808London, England I8583 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
51 Dowling, John Henry  London, England I5507 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
52 Dowling, John William  12 May 1807London, England I8400 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
53 Dowling, Joseph Richard  12 Nov 1785London, England I5878 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
54 Dowling, Lily  1860London, England I11311 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
55 Dowling, Louisa Emily  Abt 1825London, England I6040 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
56 Dowling, Martha  1853London, England I19610 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
57 Dowling, Mary  1775London, England I1773 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
58 Dowling, Mary  1820London, England I8574 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
59 Dowling, Mary Georgiana  Abt 1817London, England I6039 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
60 Dowling, Mary T  1875London, England I3106 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
61 Dowling, Nancy  1906London, England I13251 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
62 Dowling, Richard Percy  1911London, England I922 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
63 Dowling, Sarah  1815London, England I8584 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
64 Dowling, Sydney Brougham  Abt 1830London, England I6041 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
65 Dowling, Terrence M  London, England I4062 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
66 Dowling, Thomas  1816London, England I8576 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
67 Dowling, Vincent  4 May 1816London, England I6038 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
68 Dowling, Vincent George  12 Nov 1785London, England I626 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
69 Dowling, William  1832London, England I13427 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
70 Dowling, Willoughby James  Abt 1812London, England I6035 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
71 Fortescue, Emma A  Abt 1855London, England I2476 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
72 Hewitt, Richard  Between 1821 and 1831London, England I3428 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
73 Hoagland, Mary  1858London, England I21142 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
74 Hughes, John William  Abt 1885London, England I22433 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
75 Larner, Frank  1875London, England I22476 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
76 Lord, Cecilia Anne  14 May 1821London, England I9295 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
77 MacGregor, Helen  London, England I5341 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
78 Mitchell, Alfred  1871London, England I27070 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
79 Moore, Rosa  London, England I8217 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
80 Moore, Rosa  London, England I1787 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
81 Murphy  London, England I6806 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
82 Murphy, John J  Abt 1865London, England I6802 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
83 O'Brien, Alice  Dec 1880London, England I22543 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
84 O'Brien, Catherine  1878London, England I22541 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
85 Palliser  1841London, England I9304 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
86 Palliser, Louisa Hepzibah  12 Jul 1845London, England I9301 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
87 Palliser, Mary Maria  1839London, England I9303 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
88 Palliser, Richard  1838London, England I9298 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
89 Perkins, Maria S  Abt 1810London, England I8404 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
90 Rice, Emma Georgina  Between Oct and Dec 1850London, England I5528 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
91 Robb then Robe, Rebecca  10 Oct 1830London, England I11671 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
92 Sheen, Maria  8 Jun 1785London, England I5935 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
93 Shine, Catherine  Mar 1854London, England I20859 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
94 Shine, Cornelius J  4 Jul 1863London, England I20855 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
95 Shine, David L  Sep 1857London, England I20862 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
96 Shine, Honora  Dec 1867London, England I20870 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
97 Smith, George  1783London, England I11844 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
98 Smith, Marianna  20 Feb 1847London, England I11842 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
99 South, Gladys May  1920London, England I31 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
100 Stokes, Sidney  London, England I13133 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
101 Thompson, Peggy  London, England I8464 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
102 Tomkins, Esther  20 Dec 1833London, England I22464 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
103 Tomkins, John  20 Jul 1844London, England I22466 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
104 Tomkins, Mary Ann  Oct 1856London, England I22460 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
105 Tomkins, William  1840London, England I22465 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
106 Venn, Edith M  Abt 1871London, England I15123 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
107 Ware, Maria Jane  1822London, England I9294 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
108 Wilkinson, James Dean  Oct 1896London, England I21305 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
109 Wilson, Ada Gray  22 Dec 1855London, England I14989 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
110 Wright, John  1822London, England I11756 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dowling, Vincent George  11 Dec 1785London, England I626 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Lord, Cecilia Anne  14 May 1823London, England I9295 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bartleman, James Miles  Aft 1 Oct 1909London, England I13245 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Bayly, Bertha Eliza  25 Mar 1880London, England I6129 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
3 Cox, Bessie  11 Feb 1882London, England I9349 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
4 Cox, Hubert John  30 Sep 1886London, England I9345 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
5 Dalton, Arthur Claude  17 Aug 1937London, England I14994 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
6 Dalton, William Henry  4 Aug 1890London, England I15151 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
7 Dowling, Ada Lavinia  2 May 1961London, England I14993 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
8 Dowling, Charles  18 Aug 1822London, England I5933 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
9 Dowling, Charles Cholmeley  14 Jun 1894London, England I13718 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
10 Dowling, Donald  22 Sep 1994London, England I223 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
11 Dowling, Edward M  23 Apr 1974London, England I9 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
12 Dowling, Elizabeth  11 Sep 1870London, England I5881 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
13 Dowling, Elizabeth  5 Jul 1890London, England I6034 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
14 Dowling, Elsie Lue  25 Jul 1917London, England I6178 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
15 Dowling, Frances Pomeroy  27 Sep 1841London, England I6036 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
16 Dowling, Frank Lewis  10 Oct 1867London, England I625 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
17 Dowling, Irene  1960London, England I14992 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
18 Dowling, Jemima  24 Oct 1826London, England I627 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
19 Dowling, John Tayspill  1 Jul 1881London, England I9306 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
20 Dowling, Joseph Augustus  Dec 1828London, England I5882 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
21 Dowling, Louisa Emily  26 Jun 1843London, England I6040 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
22 Dowling, Mary  Bef 12 Jul 1995London, England I70 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
23 Dowling, Mary Georgiana  22 Dec 1837London, England I6039 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
24 Dowling, Robert  DECEASEDLondon, England I10898 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
25 Dowling, Thomas William  2 Feb 1824London, England I6023 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
26 Dowling, Vincent  3 Dec 1843London, England I6038 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
27 Dowling, William  Abt 1800London, England I5883 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
28 Edmonstone, Mary Douglas  1865London, England I15133 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
29 Flint, Frances  2 Sep 1870London, England I6114 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
30 Flynn, Agnes  1 Dec 1943London, England I917 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
31 Palliser  1841London, England I9304 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
32 Priestley, Thomas Edwin  24 Jan 1894London, England I11875 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
33 Purbrick, Benjamin Darke  1870London, England I10885 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
34 South, Gladys May  29 Jan 2008London, England I31 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
35 Stocks, Joseph  Jan 1863London, England I21185 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
36 Stocks, Richard  Mar 1925London, England I21434 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
37 Stocks, William Neville  Dec 1919London, England I21438 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
38 Walkden, Harriet  15 Aug 1861London, England I6127 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
39 Wilson, Barbara Olivia  9 May 1928London, England I14987 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dalton, Arthur Claude  20 Aug 1937London, England I14994 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Dowling, Robert Hawker  Aft 8 Jul 1886London, England I22451 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID   Tree 
1 Carreras, Emilie  21 Sep 1933London, England I20616 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Dowling, Ambrose  5 Jul 1904London, England I11418 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
3 Dowling, Clement  2 May 1892London, England I11425 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
4 Dowling, Eveline Agnes  3 Jun 1921London, England I23586 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
5 Dowling, George Frederick Charles Randolph Hutton  9 Dec 1934London, England I17124 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
6 Dowling, Lionel Edward  3 Jun 1921London, England I23491 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
7 Dowling, Lionel Lencil  23 Aug 1951London, England I23489 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
8 Dowling, Maida Frances Blood  9 Jun 1928London, England I11486 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
9 Dowling, Margaret Evelyn Therese  3 Jun 1921London, England I23597 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
10 Dowling, Peter Bryan  3 Jun 1921London, England I23587 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
11 Godo, Colma Otillia  9 Dec 1934London, England I17126 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
12 Taylor, Geoffrey Edward Acteson  26 Mar 1957London, England I11699 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1   London, England I9220 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Blincoe, Robert  1867London, England I21695 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
3 Chalkley, David William  1831London, England I7317 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
4 Chalkley, Henry Edward  1821London, England I16058 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
5 Cheal, John Richard  1844London, England I8741 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
6 Derrick, Emily Florence  Abt 1853London, England I9134 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
7 Dowling,   London, England I9218 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
8 Dowling,   London, England I9218 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
9 Dowling, Charles  1801London, England I8578 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
10 Dowling, James  1804London, England I1564 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
11 Dowling, James C  1854London, England I8427 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
12 Dowling, Leonard  1877London, England I13241 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
13 Dowling, Lizzie A P  1878London, England I19602 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
14 Dowling, Llewellyn  May 1863London, England I8802 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
15 Dowling, Stephen  1810London, England I8582 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
16 Dowling, Thomas  1774London, England I1772 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
17 Harrington, Thomas Edward  10 Oct 1904London, England I20638 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
18 Hawkins, John  1847London, England I9682 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
19 Kennedy, Catherine  London, England I4752 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
20 Meredith, Jane  1847London, England I10282 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
21 Nolloth, Walter  1843London, England I9635 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
22 Nolloth, William  1841London, England I9595 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
23 Nolloth, William  1842London, England I9595 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
24 Nolloth, William  1843London, England I9595 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
25 Nolloth, William  1843London, England I9595 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
26 Rees, George Hughes  1873London, England I21853 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
27 Tomkins, William  1841London, England I22465 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
28 Ware, Maria Jane  1822London, England I9294 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
29 Wren, Matilda  Abt 1831London, England I7973 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dowling, John Tayspill  1 Jul 1881London, England I9306 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Dowling, Thomas  22 Jun 1843London, England I1772 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
3 Pick, Barbara Mary  Apr 1990London, England I9335 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Departure    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aldridge, George Edward  22 Dec 1949London, England I22765 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Dowling, Albert Victor Edward Hutton  12 Feb 1925London, England I9131 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
3 Dowling, Eveline Agnes  28 Oct 1921London, England I23586 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
4 Dowling, Eveline Agnes  19 Oct 1934London, England I23586 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
5 Dowling, Joseph Aloysius  London, England I17188 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
6 Dowling, Lionel Edward  28 Oct 1921London, England I23491 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
7 Dowling, Lionel Edward  19 Oct 1934London, England I23491 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
8 Dowling, Lionel Edward  2 Feb 1949London, England I23491 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
9 Dowling, Margaret Evelyn Therese  28 Oct 1921London, England I23597 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
10 Dowling, Peter Bryan  28 Oct 1921London, England I23587 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
11 Dowling, Sybil Kathleen  22 Dec 1949London, England I22764 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dowling, Denis Valentine  1934London, England I14011 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Dowling, James Sheen  London, England I5911 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
3 Dowling, James Sheen  25 Nov 1836London, England I5911 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
4 Dowling, James Sheen  1841London, England I5911 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
5 Dowling, Patrick John  Bef 1935London, England I16402 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
6 Dowling, Robert Hawker  1857London, England I22451 Dowling-One-Name-Study 

Event or Activity

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Event or Activity    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dowling, Bridget Elizabeth  12 Mar 1911London, England I935 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Dowling, Joseph Augustus  1820London, England I5882 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
3 Dowling, K  London, England I26435 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
4 Dowling, William  Abt 1820London, England I26436 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
5 Dowling, William Paul  1846London, England I11857 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
6 Dowling, William Paul  Aug 1848London, England I11857 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
7 Fay, William George  26 Mar 1904London, England I26976 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
8 Fay, William George  2 Mar 1909London, England I26976 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
9 Fay, William George  1 Feb 1910London, England I26976 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
10 House, Amy  6 Nov 1861London, England I28172 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Fact    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dean, Arabella  8 Jul 1886London, England I9280 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Dowling, Bridget Elizabeth  15 Mar 1939London, England I935 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
3 Dowling, Denis Valentine  24 Nov 1953London, England I14011 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
4 Dowling, William Paul  18 Sep 1848London, England I11857 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
5 Hitler, William Patrick  15 Mar 1939London, England I937 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dooley, Larry  London, England I9926 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Dowling, Denis Valentine  1934London, England I14011 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
3 Dowling, Henry  Between Jul and Dec 1834London, England I9275 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
4 Dowling, Henry  Sep 1830London, England I9278 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
5 Dowling, John Leonard  1830London, England I9287 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
6 Dowling, Joseph  1959London, England I12223 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
7 Dowling, Raymond F  London, England I9516 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
8 Dowling, Thomas  1838London, England I9279 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Locality    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dowling, Philip  London, England I666 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dowling, Edward George  4 Sep 1912London, England I13664 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Dowling, Edward George  29 Jun 1916London, England I13664 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
3 Petford, Francis Richard  28 Oct 1916London, England I20221 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


Matches 1 to 141 of 141

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Airoff, Helen  13 Apr 1983London, England I25438 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Allen, Emma Jane  2 Apr 1911London, England I13249 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
3 Anset, Elsie May  2 Apr 1911London, England I16785 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
4 Anset, Thomas William  31 Mar 1901London, England I16784 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
5 Anset, Thomas William  2 Apr 1911London, England I16784 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
6 Bartleman, James Miles  6 Nov 1871London, England I13245 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
7 Bartleman, James Miles  3 Apr 1881London, England I13245 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
8 Bartleman, James Miles  5 Apr 1891London, England I13245 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
9 Bartleman, James Miles  31 Mar 1901London, England I13245 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
10 Beatty, Pakenham William Albert Hengist Marygini  1901London, England I18221 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
11 Bostock, William Dowling  Between 1936 and 1938London, England I6637 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
12 Card, Thomas William Richard  1 May 1842London, England I19619 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
13 Chalkley, David William  Between 30 Jul 1849 and 3 Apr 1881London, England I7317 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
14 Coombes, Walter John  3 Jun 1900London, England I7687 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
15 Dowlen, Roland  1933London, England I28305 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
16 Dowling, Alexander D W  3 Apr 1881London, England I13720 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
17 Dowling, Alfred R.  5 Apr 1891London, England I9500 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
18 Dowling, Annie E  5 Apr 1891London, England I9562 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
19 Dowling, Carolina Anna  3 Apr 1881London, England I13209 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
20 Dowling, Clement  1882London, England I11425 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
21 Dowling, Clement  15 May 1905London, England I11425 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
22 Dowling, Daniel  8 Aug 1822London, England I18208 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
23 Dowling, Denis Valentine  1939London, England I14011 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
24 Dowling, Denis Valentine  Mar 1939London, England I14011 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
25 Dowling, Denis Valentine  1945London, England I14011 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
26 Dowling, Denis Valentine  1948London, England I14011 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
27 Dowling, Denis Valentine  1949London, England I14011 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
28 Dowling, Donald Augustus  1927London, England I20103 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
29 Dowling, Donald Augustus  1946London, England I20103 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
30 Dowling, Edgar Percy  31 Mar 1901London, England I9502 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
31 Dowling, Edward Somerset  3 Apr 1872London, England I16175 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
32 Dowling, Edward Somerset  3 Apr 1881London, England I16175 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
33 Dowling, Edward Somerset  13 May 1894London, England I16175 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
34 Dowling, Edward Somerset  31 Mar 1901London, England I16175 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
35 Dowling, Edward Somerset  2 Apr 1911London, England I16175 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
36 Dowling, Elizabeth  3 Apr 1881London, England I13215 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
37 Dowling, Ellen Maria  2 Apr 1871London, England I16159 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
38 Dowling, Ellen Maria  3 Apr 1881London, England I16159 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
39 Dowling, Ellen Maria  31 Mar 1901London, England I16159 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
40 Dowling, Ernest P  3 Apr 1881London, England I9497 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
41 Dowling, Ernest P  5 Apr 1891London, England I9497 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
42 Dowling, Ernest P  31 Mar 1901London, England I9497 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
43 Dowling, Eugene Joseph  2 Apr 1911London, England I16638 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
44 Dowling, Florence Somerset  3 Apr 1881London, England I16178 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
45 Dowling, Francis Augustus  5 Apr 1891London, England I9501 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
46 Dowling, Francis Augustus  31 Mar 1901London, England I9501 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
47 Dowling, Frank Brian  Between 1949 and 1957London, England I15671 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
48 Dowling, Frederick  31 Mar 1901London, England I8900 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
49 Dowling, George  31 Mar 1901London, England I8899 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
50 Dowling, Harry James  2 Apr 1911London, England I5775 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
51 Dowling, Henrietta Josephine  2 Apr 1911London, England I16149 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
52 Dowling, Henry  1787London, England I9275 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
53 Dowling, Henry  Between 1841 and 11 May 1845London, England I18241 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
54 Dowling, Henry  31 Mar 1901London, England I16741 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
55 Dowling, Henry  31 Mar 1901London, England I16142 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
56 Dowling, Henry  2 Apr 1911London, England I16142 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
57 Dowling, Henry  28 Apr 1912London, England I16142 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
58 Dowling, Henry  Bef 13 Jan 1915London, England I16142 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
59 Dowling, Henry William  31 Mar 1895London, England I19647 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
60 Dowling, Herbert John  3 Apr 1881London, England I9496 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
61 Dowling, Herbert John  5 Apr 1891London, England I9496 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
62 Dowling, Herbert John  31 Mar 1901London, England I9496 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
63 Dowling, Horace E  5 Apr 1891London, England I9499 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
64 Dowling, James  1 May 1842London, England I19597 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
65 Dowling, John  1 May 1842London, England I19612 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
66 Dowling, John  2 Apr 1871London, England I9494 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
67 Dowling, John  3 Apr 1881London, England I9494 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
68 Dowling, John  5 Apr 1891London, England I16698 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
69 Dowling, John  5 Apr 1891London, England I9494 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
70 Dowling, John  5 Apr 1891London, England I5773 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
71 Dowling, John  3 Oct 1894London, England I5773 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
72 Dowling, John  31 Mar 1901London, England I16698 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
73 Dowling, John  31 Mar 1901London, England I9494 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
74 Dowling, John  2 Apr 1911London, England I16698 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
75 Dowling, John  2 Apr 1911London, England I5773 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
76 Dowling, John B  4 Jun 1915London, England I22299 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
77 Dowling, John Frederick  25 Oct 1840London, England I13228 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
78 Dowling, John Frederick  30 Mar 1851London, England I13228 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
79 Dowling, John Frederick  Bef 28 Jul 1862London, England I13228 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
80 Dowling, John Frederick  28 Jul 1862London, England I13227 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
81 Dowling, John Frederick  3 Apr 1881London, England I13227 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
82 Dowling, John Frederick  29 May 1882London, England I13227 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
83 Dowling, John Frederick  2 Apr 1911London, England I5774 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
84 Dowling, Joseph Rawlins  7 Jun 1841London, England I14879 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
85 Dowling, Leonard  30 Apr 1904London, England I13241 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
86 Dowling, Lily  Abt 1872London, England I11311 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
87 Dowling, Lionel Edward  19 Mar 1948London, England I23491 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
88 Dowling, Margaret  3 Apr 1881London, England I16171 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
89 Dowling, Margaret  5 Apr 1891London, England I16171 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
90 Dowling, Margaret  31 Mar 1901London, England I16171 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
91 Dowling, Margaret  2 Apr 1911London, England I16171 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
92 Dowling, Margaret May  2 Apr 1911London, England I16148 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
93 Dowling, Mary A  2 Apr 1871London, England I16160 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
94 Dowling, Mary A  3 Apr 1881London, England I16160 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
95 Dowling, Mary A  5 Apr 1891London, England I16160 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
96 Dowling, Maud Annie  5 Apr 1891London, England I9498 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
97 Dowling, Michael  7 Apr 1861London, England I13208 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
98 Dowling, Michael  17 Apr 1881London, England I13208 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
99 Dowling, Minnie H  3 Apr 1881London, England I16161 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
100 Dowling, Patrick  Between 27 Nov 1843 and 5 Nov 1860London, England I16168 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
101 Dowling, Patrick  22 Aug 1849London, England I16168 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
102 Dowling, Patrick  2 Apr 1871London, England I16168 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
103 Dowling, Patrick Michael  5 Apr 1891London, England I16699 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
104 Dowling, Sarah  2 Apr 1871London, England I9495 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
105 Dowling, Thomas  Between 1921 and 1923London, England I12041 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
106 Dowling, Thurlow  30 Mar 1851London, England I14912 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
107 Dowling, Thurlow  2 Apr 1871London, England I14912 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
108 Dowling, Thurlow Laing Weir  2 Apr 1871London, England I13707 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
109 Dowling, Thurlow Laing Weir  1 Oct 1890London, England I13707 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
110 Dowling, Vincent  London, England I3637 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
111 Dowling, Vincent  1787London, England I3637 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
112 Dowling, Vincent  Between 1804 and 1807London, England I3637 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
113 Dowling, William  Between 1814 and 1830London, England I26436 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
114 Dowling, William  Abt 1820London, England I26436 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
115 Dowling, William Henry  2 Apr 1871London, England I16145 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
116 Dowling, William Henry  Between 25 Feb 1886 and 5 Apr 1891London, England I16145 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
117 Dowling, William Henry  31 Mar 1901London, England I16145 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
118 Dowling-Maitland, Charles Sydenham Lineus  2 Apr 1911London, England I26658 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
119 Habberley, Henrietta  3 Apr 1881London, England I16158 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
120 Habberley, Henrietta  5 Apr 1891London, England I16158 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
121 Habberley, Henry  Between 7 May 1837 and 5 Apr 1860London, England I16162 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
122 Hill, Philip Henry  1891London, England I14156 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
123 Hill, Philip Henry  1901London, England I14156 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
124 Hill, Philip Henry  2 Apr 1911London, England I14156 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
125 Jones, Emma Alice  2 Apr 1911London, England I16176 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
126 Merrell, Jesse  3 Apr 1881London, England I9941 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
127 Neyland, Henry William  13 May 1894London, England I16179 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
128 Neyland, Henry William  2 Apr 1911London, England I16179 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
129 Orsborn, Albert William Thomas  Between 1946 and 1954London, England I4895 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
130 Palliser, Richard  Between 1829 and 1834London, England I9296 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
131 Perya, Lucile Marie  12 Apr 1946London, England I28310 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
132 Rogers, Arthur John  12 Feb 1900London, England I13274 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
133 Rogers, Elizabeth  5 Oct 1876London, England I9940 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
134 Smith, George Belles  23 May 1847London, England I11841 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
135 Squirrell, Walter  17 Apr 1881London, England I13216 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
136 Tarry, Alfred  5 Apr 1891London, England I16155 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
137 Tarry, Edward  5 Apr 1891London, England I16156 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
138 Wood, James  2 Apr 1911London, England I13213 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
139 Woodward, Edward James  Between 25 Dec 1889 and 1 Nov 1891London, England I16146 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
140 Woodward, Edward James  2 Apr 1911London, England I16146 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
141 Woodward, Lilian Cellia Florence  2 Apr 1911London, England I16143 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID   Tree 
1 Blincoe, Edward Harold  27 Jul 1928London, England I21693 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Dowling, Annabella Mary Crawford  25 Apr 1861London, England I28168 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
3 Dowling, Edward Henry  6 Nov 1861London, England I28171 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
4 Dowling, Florence  28 Jan 1861London, England I28173 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
5 Dowling, Florence Hutton  10 Jun 1940London, England I18227 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
6 Dowling, Henry Douglas Hutton  13 Dec 1965London, England I17125 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
7 Dowling, Joseph  4 Jun 1973London, England I4036 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
8 Dowling, Lionel Edward  24 Sep 1974London, England I23491 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
9 Dowling, Sybil Kathleen  4 Dec 1975London, England I22764 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
10 Dowling, Walter  10 Apr 1861London, England I28175 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
11 Farrow, Emma  27 Jul 1928London, England I21694 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
12 Lister, James  29 Apr 1932London, England I19501 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
13 Lister, Jane  16 Dec 1958London, England I18874 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
14 Lord, Samuel Tipping  3 Jul 1953London, England I21628 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Belbin, Jane  London, England I9343 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Chalkley, Agnes T  London, England I9749 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
3 Chalkley, Rosetta Amelia  3 Jun 1900London, England I7540 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
4 Chappel, Harriet  London, England I9083 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
5 Coombes, Walter John  3 Jun 1900London, England I7687 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
6 Cox, Emily  London, England I9366 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
7 Cox, George  London, England I9365 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
8 Cox, George  London, England I9365 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
9 Cox, George  London, England I9342 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
10 Cox, George  London, England I9342 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
11 Cox, Henry Vey  London, England I9328 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
12 Dowlen, Roland  Bef 1939London, England I28305 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
13 Dowlen, Walton Edward  London, England I28308 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
14 Dowling,   1920London, England I11823 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
15 Dowling, Carolina Anna  30 Dec 1886London, England I13209 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
16 Dowling, Charles Milne Cholmeley  Bef 21 Nov 1920London, England I14876 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
17 Dowling, Daniel  29 Jan 1814London, England I18208 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
18 Dowling, Donald  Bef 22 Sep 1994London, England I223 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
19 Dowling, Edith Benigna Isabel Hutton  22 Feb 1879London, England I18211 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
20 Dowling, Edward  Between 1918 and 1920London, England I19862 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
21 Dowling, Elizabeth  Between 3 and 17 Apr 1881London, England I13215 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
22 Dowling, Esther  11 May 1885London, England I13242 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
23 Dowling, F  1909London, England I16695 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
24 Dowling, Henry  11 May 1845London, England I18241 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
25 Dowling, James Sampson  8 Oct 1908London, England I16591 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
26 Dowling, John B  3 Aug 1919London, England I22299 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
27 Dowling, John Goulter  London, England I11472 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
28 Dowling, Matthew Gerald  Between 1953 and 1954London, England I13084 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
29 Dowling, Patrick  27 Nov 1843London, England I16168 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
30 Dowling, Robert Hawker  Between and 8 Jul 1886London, England I22451 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
31 Dowling, Robert Hawker  Between 4 Jul 1827 and 1834London, England I22451 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
32 Dowling, Robert Hawker  Between Apr 1857 and 1872London, England I22451 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
33 Dowling, Robert Hawker  Between 1873 and 1884London, England I22451 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
34 Dowling, Vincent  1780London, England I3637 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
35 Dowling, Vincent  Aug 1800London, England I3637 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
36 Dowling, Vincent  Aft 1800London, England I3637 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
37 Dowling, William  Abt 1820London, England I26436 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
38 Dowling, William  2005London, England I13669 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
39 Foster, Georgia  London, England I11558 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
40 Foster, Simon  London, England I11559 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
41 Hope, Jane  27 Nov 1843London, England I16167 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
42 Leighton, Josephine  8 Oct 1908London, England I16592 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
43 Perya, Anna F  12 Apr 1946London, England I28309 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
44 Pettaway, Maude Auguste  1 Oct 1890London, England I13722 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
45 Smith, Marianna  23 May 1847London, England I11842 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
46 South, Gladys May  Bef 29 Jan 2008London, England I31 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
47 Squirrell, Walter  17 Apr 1881London, England I13216 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
48 Trent, Rhoda  London, England I9340 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
49 Vines, Mary Ann  London, England I11718 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
50 White, Sophia Charlotte  10 Jun 1919London, England I17162 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bloom, Thomas  5 Jul 1919London, England I4957 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Dowling, Charles Milne Cholmeley  27 Jan 1921London, England I14876 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
3 Dowling, Florence Somerset  18 Dec 1963London, England I16178 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
4 Dowling, Joseph  22 Aug 1932London, England I13630 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
5 Jones, Emma Alice  25 Apr 1912London, England I16176 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
6 Masefield, Mary Elizabeth  19 Dec 1923London, England I6634 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
7 Neyland, Frank Edward  18 Dec 1963London, England I16183 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
8 Neyland, Jessie Florence  18 Dec 1963London, England I16185 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    _MILT    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burlton, Leslie Victor  Bef 2 Apr 1911London, England I17406 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Dowling, Joseph Patrick  9 Jul 1918London, England I839 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
3 Dowling, Joseph Rawlins  London, England I14879 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
4 Dowling, Patrick  11 Sep 1917London, England I11818 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    _MILTID    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brand, Harry Leslie J  19 Mar 1919London, England I12404 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Dalton / Dowling  28 Jul 1910London, England F4816 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Dalton / Edmonstone  16 Dec 1871London, England F4817 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
3 Doolan / Spiller  24 Nov 1915London, England F1614 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
4 Dowling / Andrews  1783London, England F1225 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
5 Dowling / Gray  23 Nov 1939London, England F1924 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
6 Dowling / Moore  Jul 1871London, England F17680 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
7 Murphy / Dowling  London, England F3045 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
8 Palliser / Dowling  1830London, England F3108 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
9 Stocks / Ward  25 Dec 1903London, England F14783 Dowling-One-Name-Study