Dowling One Name Study

Somerset, England



Latitude: 51.203, Longitude: -1.9596


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ballantine, Sarah A.  1828Somerset, England I11327
2 Chamberlain, Eliza  1841Somerset, England I13381
3 Clements, Charles  1844Somerset, England I8784
4 Dix, Ann  1785Somerset, England I13456
5 Dowling, Alfred William  1840Somerset, England I8892
6 Dowling, Amelia  1874Somerset, England I11990
7 Dowling, Ann  1825Somerset, England I13414
8 Dowling, Anne  1789Somerset, England I13502
9 Dowling, Betsy  Somerset, England I13506
10 Dowling, Charles  1802Somerset, England I8578
11 Dowling, Charlotte  Somerset, England I13507
12 Dowling, Clementine  1825Somerset, England I8843
13 Dowling, Edward  1794Somerset, England I13504
14 Dowling, Edward  1796Somerset, England I8807
15 Dowling, Edward  1816Somerset, England I13429
16 Dowling, Edward  1878Somerset, England I11991
17 Dowling, Edwin  1821Somerset, England I8811
18 Dowling, Elisha  1824Somerset, England I8863
19 Dowling, Eliza  1821Somerset, England I13413
20 Dowling, Eliza  1827Somerset, England I8812
21 Dowling, Elizabeth  Somerset, England I13508
22 Dowling, Elizabeth  Abt 1825Somerset, England I9553
23 Dowling, Elizabeth  1829Somerset, England I8813
24 Dowling, Elizabeth  1848Somerset, England I13417
25 Dowling, Francis  1834Somerset, England I13518
26 Dowling, George  1882Somerset, England I11992
27 Dowling, Georgina  1886Somerset, England I11993
28 Dowling, James  1778Somerset, England I13454
29 Dowling, John  Somerset, England I13509
30 Dowling, John  Somerset, England I13510
31 Dowling, John  1776Somerset, England I13453
32 Dowling, Joseph  1784Somerset, England I13501
33 Dowling, Lavinia  1850Somerset, England I11988
34 Dowling, Lucy  1832Somerset, England I8864
35 Dowling, Martha  1766Somerset, England I10927
36 Dowling, Mary  1791Somerset, England I13503
37 Dowling, Mary  1827Somerset, England I13415
38 Dowling, Mary  1839Somerset, England I8930
39 Dowling, Melinda  1892Somerset, England I11994
40 Dowling, Richard  Somerset, England I13511
41 Dowling, Richard  1782Somerset, England I13500
42 Dowling, Robert  1790Somerset, England I8882
43 Dowling, Sarah  Somerset, England I13512
44 Dowling, Shadrac  Mar 1841Somerset, England I15626
45 Dowling, Stephen  1811Somerset, England I8582
46 Dowling, Thomas  Bef 11 Jun 1774Somerset, England I1772
47 Dowling, Thomas  1829Somerset, England I16004
48 Dowling, Thomas  1830Somerset, England I8814
49 Dowling, Thomas  1848Somerset, England I11989
50 Dowling, William  Somerset, England I13514
51 Dowling, William  1786Somerset, England I8860
52 Dowling, William  1816Somerset, England I13069
53 Dowling, William  1829Somerset, England I13416
54 Hannah  1781Somerset, England I13349
55 Hole, James A  1806Somerset, England I13465
56 Orsborn, Ann  1821Somerset, England I26808
57 Sherman, Mary Ann  1781Somerset, England I13376
58 Sturges, Sarah  1788Somerset, England I13457
59 Yendall, Elizabeth  1816Somerset, England I13430


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dowling, Charles  20 Apr 1885Somerset, England I15967
2 Dowling, Frederick  Sep 1882Somerset, England I8840


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Chamberlain, Henry  1821Somerset, England I13353
2 Charlton, Eliza  1821Somerset, England I8987
3 Crossman, James  Sep 1855Somerset, England I8844
4 Crossman, James  Sep 1855Somerset, England I8844
5 Crossman, James  Sep 1855Somerset, England I8844
6 Curtis, Mary Ann  1806Somerset, England I15968
7 Dowling, Amelia  1817Somerset, England I8838
8 Dowling, Ann  1801Somerset, England I13517
9 Dowling, Charles  1806Somerset, England I13516
10 Dowling, Clementine  1827Somerset, England I8843
11 Dowling, Edward  1831Somerset, England I13410
12 Dowling, Edward  1838Somerset, England I15984
13 Dowling, Edward Samuel  1844Somerset, England I9529
14 Dowling, Francis Butcher  Abt 1822Somerset, England I15997
15 Dowling, Francis T  1834Somerset, England I15983
16 Dowling, Frederick  1818Somerset, England I8840
17 Dowling, Hannah  Abt 1825Somerset, England I16008
18 Dowling, Henry  Abt 1801Somerset, England I16000
19 Dowling, Henry  1821Somerset, England I8805
20 Dowling, Isaac  1820Somerset, England I8854
21 Dowling, Jacob  1818Somerset, England I8862
22 Dowling, James  1816Somerset, England I8921
23 Dowling, Mary Ann  1816Somerset, England I13351
24 Dowling, Meshach  Abt 1821Somerset, England I15624
25 Dowling, Robert  1801Somerset, England I13409
26 Dowling, Samuel  1823Somerset, England I8866
27 Dowling, Sarah Ann  1836Somerset, England I16006
28 Dowling, Stephen  1826Somerset, England I13450
29 Dowling, Thomas  1775Somerset, England I1772
30 Rosannah  1816Somerset, England I8922
31 Vincent, Louisa  1831Somerset, England I13361


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Dowling, Ann  7 Jun 1841Somerset, England I13517
2 Dowling, Charles  7 Jun 1841Somerset, England I13516


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Mapstone, Isaac  22 Feb 1909Somerset, England I16041


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Dowling, Charles  7 Jun 1841Somerset, England I13516


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Dowling, Ann  7 Jun 1841Somerset, England I13517
2 Dowling, Ann  7 Apr 1861Somerset, England I13517
3 Dowling, Charles  7 Jun 1841Somerset, England I13516
4 Dowling, Charlotte  14 Oct 1851Somerset, England I13431


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dowling / Tripp  18 Dec 1775Somerset, England F4348