Dowling One Name Study

Rochdale, Lancashire, England


Latitude: 53.6172, Longitude: -2.1579


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blincoe, Arthur  1900Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21703
2 Blincoe, Harold Farrow  18 Mar 1918Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21038
3 Blincoe, Joyce  1903Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21699
4 Blincoe, Reginald  1907Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21701
5 Blincoe, Walter  1905Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21700
6 Dearnley, Grace Alice  2 Jun 1914Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21030
7 Dowling, Ada  Between Apr and Jun 1881Rochdale, Lancashire, England I18845
8 Dowling, Ada  Between Oct and Dec 1865Rochdale, Lancashire, England I20973
9 Dowling, Alfred  Between Apr and Jun 1857Rochdale, Lancashire, England I12034
10 Dowling, Elsie Georgina  1842Rochdale, Lancashire, England I13798
11 Dowling, George  Between Oct and Dec 1854Rochdale, Lancashire, England I12033
12 Dowling, Harry  Between Jul and Sep 1877Rochdale, Lancashire, England I20974
13 Dowling, Henry  Between Oct and Dec 1859Rochdale, Lancashire, England I12035
14 Dowling, Henry  1858Rochdale, Lancashire, England I20971
15 Farrow, Ada  1889Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21718
16 Farrow, Elizabeth Ann  1878Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21716
17 Farrow, Emma  Between Apr and Jun 1892Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21694
18 Farrow, Harry  1883Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21717
19 Farrow, James W  1876Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21715
20 Farrow, John  1851Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21713
21 Farrow, Martha Ann  1851Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21714
22 Forster, John Ferdinand  Between Jul and Sep 1881Rochdale, Lancashire, England I20983
23 Forster, Nora  20 Aug 1886Rochdale, Lancashire, England I20979
24 Forster, Sarah Jane  Between Apr and Jun 1879Rochdale, Lancashire, England I20982
25 Howard, Kenneth Unsworth  20 May 1926Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21520
26 Jackson, Frank  2 Mar 1914Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21033
27 Jackson, Freda  26 Dec 1905Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21027
28 Jackson, George  31 May 1916Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21034
29 Jackson, John  7 Nov 1911Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21032
30 Jackson, Nellie  26 Nov 1920Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21037
31 Jackson, Rose  17 Nov 1898Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21704
32 Jackson, Sam  21 Jun 1908Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21029
33 Locke, Eliza Jane  Between Oct and Dec 1877Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21036
34 Lord, Phyllis  Between Oct and Dec 1915Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21035
35 Ogden, Frank  1900Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21766
36 Ogden, James Platt  8 Dec 1910Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21755
37 Ogden, James R  1874Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21764
38 Ogden, Norman  Dec 1910Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21769
39 Simmonds, Frances  Between Oct and Dec 1912Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21756
40 Smith, Mary Elizabeth  30 Jan 1875Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21635
41 Spellman, John William  Between Apr and Jun 1862Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21152
42 Stanworth, Florence  26 Jun 1870Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21530
43 Stanworth, Margaret A  1874Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21560
44 Taylor, Robert E  Abt 1868Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21399
45 Taylor, William  30 Nov 1864Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21528


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barrell, Margaret  Between Jan and Mar 1966Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21785
2 Bigley, Eliza  Apr 1907Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21373
3 Blincoe, Edward Harold  22 Jun 1949Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21693
4 Bromley, Maria  Between Oct and Dec 1925Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21782
5 Butterworth, Sarah Alice  13 Mar 1959Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21031
6 Cain, Elizabeth Rose  Between Oct and Dec 1980Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21787
7 Chaffer, Sarah Ann  Between Apr and Jun 1886Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21018
8 Dearnley, Grace Alice  May 1999Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21030
9 Dearnley, Herbert  Between Jan and Mar 1935Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21593
10 Dowling, Ada  Between Jul and Sep 1869Rochdale, Lancashire, England I20973
11 Dowling, Alfred  Between Apr and Jun 1897Rochdale, Lancashire, England I12034
12 Dowling, Daniel  DECEASEDRochdale, Lancashire, England I13741
13 Dowling, Eliza Jane  Between Apr and Jun 1914Rochdale, Lancashire, England I12032
14 Dowling, Harry  Between Oct and Dec 1877Rochdale, Lancashire, England I20974
15 Dowling, Michael  Between Jan and Mar 1866Rochdale, Lancashire, England I12030
16 Dowling, William  Between Oct and Dec 1858Rochdale, Lancashire, England I20970
17 Duggan, Mary Ann  Between Jan and Mar 1890Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21529
18 Farrow, Emma  1 Jan 1928Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21694
19 Fauly, Mary Ann Stocks  Between Oct and Dec 1941Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21150
20 Forster, John  Between Apr and Jun 1901Rochdale, Lancashire, England I20975
21 Forster, John Ferdinand  Between Apr and Jun 1884Rochdale, Lancashire, England I20983
22 Forster, Nora  Between Jan and Mar 1942Rochdale, Lancashire, England I20979
23 Forster, Sarah Jane  Between Apr and Jun 1880Rochdale, Lancashire, England I20982
24 Foulkes, Violet  Between Apr and Jun 1990Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21708
25 Greenhalgh, Walter Howard  Between Jul and Sep 1954Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21781
26 Howard, Kenneth Unsworth  Between Oct and Dec 1976Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21520
27 Jackson, Ellen Ann  Between Jan and Mar 1927Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21039
28 Jackson, George  Between Jul and Sep 1973Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21034
29 Jackson, John Heyworth  Between Oct and Dec 1912Rochdale, Lancashire, England I20981
30 Jackson, Richard  Between Jul and Sep 1934Rochdale, Lancashire, England I20980
31 Jackson, Rose  Feb 1997Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21704
32 Jackson, Stanley  Between Oct and Dec 1956Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21024
33 Lambe, Agnes  Jan 1893Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21371
34 Locke, Eliza Jane  Between Jul and Sep 1917Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21036
35 Lord, Maria  Between Jul and Sep 1861Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21020
36 McCourt, Patrick  Between Oct and Dec 1904Rochdale, Lancashire, England I18836
37 Parry, Jane  Between Apr and Jun 1898Rochdale, Lancashire, England I12029
38 Skeels, Elizabeth  Between Jul and Sep 1879Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21162
39 Taylor, Susannah  Oct 1881Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21405
40 Taylor, William  Between Apr and Jun 1946Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21528
41 Williams, Morfydd  Between Oct and Dec 1983Rochdale, Lancashire, England I21168


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blincoe / Farrow  Between Jan and Mar 1916Rochdale, Lancashire, England F15091
2 Blincoe / Jackson  Between Apr and Jun 1933Rochdale, Lancashire, England F15093
3 Chequer / Spellman  Between Apr and Jun 1877Rochdale, Lancashire, England F14800
4 Dowling / Miles  Between Apr and Jun 1877Rochdale, Lancashire, England F5916
5 Forster / Dowling  Between Apr and Jun 1874Rochdale, Lancashire, England F14507
6 Greenhalgh / Cain  Between Jul and Sep 1945Rochdale, Lancashire, England F15130
7 Howard / Williams  Between Jul and Sep 1947Rochdale, Lancashire, England F14921
8 Jackson / Chaffer  27 Jul 1868Rochdale, Lancashire, England F14510
9 Jackson / Hargreaves  21 Jul 1834Rochdale, Lancashire, England F14548
10 Jackson / Lord  Between Oct and Dec 1857Rochdale, Lancashire, England F14549
11 Jackson / Williams  Between Oct and Dec 1954Rochdale, Lancashire, England F14627
12 Lord / Locke  Between Apr and Jun 1902Rochdale, Lancashire, England F14557
13 McCourt / Parry  Between Apr and Jun 1871Rochdale, Lancashire, England F5914
14 Ogden / Simmonds  Between Apr and Jun 1935Rochdale, Lancashire, England F15117
15 Shepherd / Jackson  Between Oct and Dec 1945Rochdale, Lancashire, England F14626
16 Spellman / Coupe  16 Jul 1855Rochdale, Lancashire, England F14798
17 Taylor / Duggan  Between Jan and Mar 1886Rochdale, Lancashire, England F14925
18 Taylor / Duggan  Between Jul and Sep 1883Rochdale, Lancashire, England F14932
19 Taylor / Jackson  Between Oct and Dec 1926Rochdale, Lancashire, England F14553
20 Taylor / Stanworth  Between Apr and Jun 1891Rochdale, Lancashire, England F14926
21 Whitehead / Cain  Between Jul and Sep 1918Rochdale, Lancashire, England F15131