Dowling One Name Study

New York, USA



Latitude: 42.7531, Longitude: -74.2224


Matches 1 to 235 of 235

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 George T  New York, USA I20942
2   New York, USA I18276
3   New York, USA I19186
4   New York, USA I19423
5   New York, USA I19424
6   New York, USA I25450
7   New York, USA I25451
8 , Ethel  1898New York, USA I25449
9 , Mary  New York, USA I15514
10 , Mary  1836New York, USA I18304
11 , Matilda A  1844New York, USA I14433
12 Barnes, Christine  Abt 1885New York, USA I15953
13 Barnes, Eric Marvin  4 May 1942New York, USA I18797
14 Brady, Anna  Abt 1904New York, USA I14500
15 Caffrey, Mary  Mar 1863New York, USA I2796
16 Carter, May G  1895New York, USA I18791
17 Carter, Thomas V  1890New York, USA I18790
18 Casey, Mary Duff  Jul 1857New York, USA I20841
19 Cavanaugh, Mary Jane  New York, USA I2795
20 Cobeion, Joe  New York, USA I22227
21 Connor, William A  Jul 1850New York, USA I20860
22 Craft, Irene W  1856New York, USA I14435
23 Cuddeback, Maria  1818New York, USA I16869
24 Curry, James Michael  1852New York, USA I15951
25 Dolan, John James  May 1884New York, USA I14616
26 Dolan, Lizzie D  Dec 1876New York, USA I14613
27 Dolan, Margret A  Jun 1881New York, USA I14614
28 Dolon, Salona  New York, USA I18315
29 Dowlin, Andrew J  1874New York, USA I15521
30 Dowling, Agnes  1918New York, USA I23908
31 Dowling, Alan Frances  1916New York, USA I23709
32 Dowling, Ambrose W  Oct 1895New York, USA I19413
33 Dowling, Andrew  Abt 1814New York, USA I18290
34 Dowling, Anna  Sep 1884New York, USA I15528
35 Dowling, Anne Elizabeth  3 Apr 1912New York, USA I15927
36 Dowling, Annie E  Between 1847 and 1848New York, USA I16095
37 Dowling, Arthur  Abt 1924New York, USA I23903
38 Dowling, Bernard F  Abt 1914New York, USA I16317
39 Dowling, Bessie  Oct 1886New York, USA I15532
40 Dowling, Bridget  1850New York, USA I25658
41 Dowling, Casey  1871New York, USA I15524
42 Dowling, Catherine  Abt 1878New York, USA I15887
43 Dowling, Catherine Kay  11 Feb 1914New York, USA I15928
44 Dowling, Charles  1917New York, USA I23907
45 Dowling, Denis N  Dec 1895New York, USA I23704
46 Dowling, Edward  Apr 1880New York, USA I16093
47 Dowling, Edward Joseph  5 Oct 1910New York, USA I15849
48 Dowling, Edward T  May 1891New York, USA I19426
49 Dowling, Eleanor  Abt 1925New York, USA I15846
50 Dowling, Elizabeth  1784New York, USA I27337
51 Dowling, Florence  Between 1868 and 1869New York, USA I16096
52 Dowling, Frances P  Abt 1918New York, USA I16319
53 Dowling, Frank  Oct 1882New York, USA I15531
54 Dowling, Frank J  Jan 1872New York, USA I12679
55 Dowling, Frederick Vere  Mar 1897New York, USA I13392
56 Dowling, George  1861New York, USA I18289
57 Dowling, George R  Sep 1899New York, USA I19414
58 Dowling, Glenn Archibold  23 Sep 1891New York, USA I13390
59 Dowling, Grace Delores  8 Oct 1922New York, USA I15929
60 Dowling, Helen A  14 Aug 1905New York, USA I5062
61 Dowling, Henry  Abt 1828New York, USA I18303
62 Dowling, Henry H  Abt 1837New York, USA I18299
63 Dowling, Herschel  9 Oct 1858New York, USA I13385
64 Dowling, Herschel E  1917New York, USA I13400
65 Dowling, Ida L  Jan 1889New York, USA I13393
66 Dowling, Irma Helena  17 May 1910New York, USA I13364
67 Dowling, Isabella  Abt 1838New York, USA I18302
68 Dowling, James  1775New York, USA I27328
69 Dowling, James  Sep 1891New York, USA I23702
70 Dowling, Jane  1839New York, USA I18295
71 Dowling, Jane Ann  Abt 1813New York, USA I4395
72 Dowling, Jay Hamilton  1861New York, USA I27584
73 Dowling, Jenny E  1864New York, USA I25454
74 Dowling, John  1846New York, USA I16094
75 Dowling, John  1850New York, USA I16089
76 Dowling, John  May 1868New York, USA I12852
77 Dowling, John  Abt 1894New York, USA I18305
78 Dowling, John Franklin  27 Sep 1898New York, USA I16858
79 Dowling, Joseph  1869New York, USA I15520
80 Dowling, Joseph  Jan 1870New York, USA I16097
81 Dowling, Joseph  Dec 1893New York, USA I23703
82 Dowling, Joseph  Abt 1922New York, USA I15845
83 Dowling, Kate  Oct 1873New York, USA I15527
84 Dowling, Laura  1881New York, USA I15890
85 Dowling, Lawrence  Abt 1919New York, USA I15844
86 Dowling, Lester  1915New York, USA I12854
87 Dowling, Margaret Mary  Abt 1903New York, USA I15923
88 Dowling, Maria  1845New York, USA I18297
89 Dowling, Martin  1877New York, USA I15522
90 Dowling, Mary  1804New York, USA I27437
91 Dowling, Mary Ann  Oct 1881New York, USA I15868
92 Dowling, Mary B  Abt 1916New York, USA I16318
93 Dowling, Mary F  1865New York, USA I25455
94 Dowling, Matilda  1842New York, USA I18296
95 Dowling, Michael  Abt 1784New York, USA I27342
96 Dowling, Michael F  Mar 1893New York, USA I19412
97 Dowling, Raymond V  1916New York, USA I13399
98 Dowling, Robert  1846New York, USA I18298
99 Dowling, Robert W  Sep 1895New York, USA I25447
100 Dowling, Rose  1896New York, USA I12851
101 Dowling, Ruth P  Mar 1899New York, USA I25448
102 Dowling, Sarah  Abt 1781New York, USA I27340
103 Dowling, Sarah  Abt 1856New York, USA I16092
104 Dowling, Seleth  Abt 1866New York, USA I18294
105 Dowling, Thomas J  19 May 1868New York, USA I25540
106 Dowling, Towena Violet Margaret  1850New York, USA I3048
107 Dowling, William  1847New York, USA I18284
108 Dowling, William  May 1875New York, USA I25557
109 Dowling, William  Dec 1879New York, USA I15530
110 Dowling, William John  Abt 1910New York, USA I15842
111 Dowling, Winifred D  Abt 1897New York, USA I16861
112 Enright, Eileen M  Abt 1913New York, USA I16320
113 Feeley, James  Nov 1845New York, USA I20840
114 Fellman, Willard Harrington  Abt 1908New York, USA I15924
115 Fordham, Betsy E.  Abt 1854New York, USA I18278
116 Fordham, Charles H  Abt 1813New York, USA I4396
117 Fordham, Daniel  1836New York, USA I18281
118 Fordham, John  New York, USA I18277
119 Fordham, Lydia Ann  1850New York, USA I18279
120 Fordham, Sally  1838New York, USA I18282
121 Fordham, Thomas  1832New York, USA I18280
122 Gaffuy, Margaret  New York, USA I19421
123 Galgano, Angelina  Abt 1899New York, USA I17243
124 Galgano, Antoniette  Abt 1905New York, USA I17245
125 Galgano, Daniel  Abt 1893New York, USA I17241
126 Galgano, George  Abt 1895New York, USA I17242
127 Galgano, Louis  Abt 1902New York, USA I17244
128 Galgano, Mildred  Abt 1897New York, USA I17234
129 Galgano, Robert  Abt 1916New York, USA I17247
130 Galgano, Rocco  Abt 1910New York, USA I17246
131 Gardner, Arthur C  1907New York, USA I25893
132 Gass, Mary L  Sep 1865New York, USA I17322
133 Graves, William J  New York, USA I19422
134 Guruee, Jennie E  1851New York, USA I14343
135 Hecker, Adaline  Apr 1838New York, USA I11191
136 Hole, Juliet  1848New York, USA I13466
137 Ireland, Harriet  Dec 1892New York, USA I16878
138 Ireland, Saycelle  Mar 1859New York, USA I16887
139 Ireland, Western  Jul 1899New York, USA I16885
140 Irving, James  New York, USA I15513
141 Irwin, Emma  Jun 1876New York, USA I18515
142 J, Antoinette  1886New York, USA I14461
143 Jakeway, Alfred  Apr 1852New York, USA I12683
144 Judge, Jeanne C  10 Sep 1939New York, USA I15932
145 Kavanagh, Henery  1908New York, USA I24420
146 Kavanagh, John  1914New York, USA I24421
147 Kelly, Elizabeth Esther  New York, USA I15952
148 Kingberry, Jane L  Abt 1907New York, USA I15920
149 Kosky, Edmund  Abt 1907New York, USA I15963
150 Kuestner, George  20 Oct 1881New York, USA I14282
151 Kuestner, William  27 Jun 1887New York, USA I14270
152 Kwiatkoski, Bernard  Abt 1903New York, USA I15962
153 Kwiatkoski, Rose M  Jul 1898New York, USA I15961
154 Kwiatkowki, Joseph Francis  14 Mar 1910New York, USA I15930
155 Lewis, Elizabeth A  1817New York, USA I13805
156 Link, Minetta  May 1868New York, USA I25442
157 Lyman, Anne Claressa  28 Nov 1809New York, USA I27357
158 M, Rose  1880New York, USA I18541
159 Mahony, Annie E  1895New York, USA I27949
160 McCann, Mary A J  1840New York, USA I25446
161 McLean, Alfred Augustus  8 Aug 1841New York, USA I13801
162 McLean, Edward  1807New York, USA I13804
163 Miller, Alvin  1865New York, USA I14448
164 Miller, David B  1832New York, USA I14441
165 Miller, Ellen  1869New York, USA I14450
166 Miller, Ellen B  1832New York, USA I14443
167 Miller, Ivon B  1855New York, USA I14445
168 Miller, J  1859New York, USA I14446
169 Miller, Lillie  1866New York, USA I14449
170 Miller, Maria  1854New York, USA I14444
171 Miller, Martha  1835New York, USA I14442
172 Miller, Osworth  1862New York, USA I14447
173 Minnie  1894New York, USA I14465
174 Mulholland, Andrew N  1905New York, USA I14457
175 Mulholland, Grace E  1909New York, USA I14459
176 Murphy, Annie  1876New York, USA I5060
177 Murphy, Mary E  1883New York, USA I27952
178 Myers, Isaac  Abt 1802New York, USA I18316
179 Nanry, Anna Lee  17 Sep 1895New York, USA I14468
180 Nanry, Anna M  Abt 1911New York, USA I14487
181 Nanry, Dorothy V  Mar 1910New York, USA I14482
182 Nanry, Florance  Abt 1903New York, USA I14486
183 Nanry, John Claymore  24 Nov 1918New York, USA I14492
184 Nanry, Walter J  1876New York, USA I14483
185 Percival, Mary A  New York, USA I25444
186 Phelan, Child  1852New York, USA I8327
187 Pierce, Otto Brittain  27 Jan 1903New York, USA I19154
188 Powers, Mary  1871New York, USA I20781
189 Proctor, Robert M  1892New York, USA I19179
190 Rice, Mary  1861New York, USA I19737
191 Riley, John  1852New York, USA I25666
192 Riley, Kate  1854New York, USA I25667
193 Riley, Michal  1855New York, USA I25668
194 Rushton, Mary Elizabeth  1870New York, USA I13363
195 Russel, Elizabeth  1871New York, USA I12853
196 Scanlon, Michael  Jul 1884New York, USA I17320
197 Seubert, George  1906New York, USA I23706
198 Shea, Daniel  5 May 1930New York, USA I24147
199 Shea, John F  1928New York, USA I24146
200 Shea, Patrick J  1927New York, USA I24145
201 Sheehan, Edward  1850New York, USA I11138
202 Sherman, Catherine  1868New York, USA I21106
203 Sherman, Maria  1835New York, USA I25129
204 Shetler, Melissa 'Lizia'  28 Jan 1827New York, USA I13468
205 Slate, Clara  1896New York, USA I13398
206 Smith, Josephess  1896New York, USA I15535
207 Smith, Marien  1898New York, USA I15536
208 Smith, Vincent  1893New York, USA I15534
209 Spooner, Charles E  1846New York, USA I20800
210 Spooner, Clayton  Abt 1908New York, USA I20803
211 Spooner, Gertrude  27 Aug 1906New York, USA I20802
212 Spooner, John  Abt 1905New York, USA I20801
213 Spooner, Marion  1909New York, USA I20804
214 St.Peter, Mary  29 Aug 1896New York, USA I20930
215 Stuart-Houston, Howard Ronald  1957New York, USA I12697
216 Vallely, Ellen Helen  Abt 1856New York, USA I15886
217 Venzel, John  Jun 1867New York, USA I14286
218 Villamana, Luciele  1912New York, USA I26759
219 Vogt, Elizabeth Bertha  1889New York, USA I14491
220 Welch, Eunice A  New York, USA I25503
221 White, Ellen  1839New York, USA I19138
222 White, Mary Ann  1837New York, USA I25048
223 Wright, Andrew Storms  3 Sep 1849New York, USA I14416
224 Wright, Andrew Warren  6 Apr 1891New York, USA I14415
225 Wright, Antoinette W Nettie  1869New York, USA I14434
226 Wright, Charlotte Louisa  Aug 1853New York, USA I14438
227 Wright, Eliza M  Aug 1853New York, USA I14439
228 Wright, Grace  19 Aug 1881New York, USA I14452
229 Wright, Harold D  21 Nov 1893New York, USA I14464
230 Wright, Jacob W  May 1845New York, USA I14432
231 Wright, Walter Storms  27 Jun 1882New York, USA I14460
232 Wright, Walter W  May 1842New York, USA I14431
233 Wright, William H  9 Oct 1818New York, USA I14417
234 Wright, Winifred  Dec 1878New York, USA I14451
235 Zoller, Emma  1864New York, USA I13388


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dineen, Mary  1970New York, USA I17397
2 Dolan, Elizabeth C 'Bettie'  27 Dec 1977New York, USA I14512
3 Dolan, Patrick  1900New York, USA I14024
4 Donohoe, Michael John  1937New York, USA I13768
5 Dowling, Aldrick  1943New York, USA I12821
6 Dowling, Annie  3 Jan 1920New York, USA I3202
7 Dowling, Bernard F  Dec 1965New York, USA I16303
8 Dowling, Charles A  24 Apr 1997New York, USA I12849
9 Dowling, Helena  20 Mar 1983New York, USA I22015
10 Dowling, Margaret Mary  18 Jan 1992New York, USA I15923
11 Dowling, Stephen F  14 Mar 1895New York, USA I16870
12 Kelly, Elizabeth Esther  5 Aug 1940New York, USA I15952
13 McGrath, Ann  29 Jul 1977New York, USA I14497
14 Nanry, Anna Lee  Dec 1971New York, USA I14468
15 O'Brien, Mary  Aft 28 Jan 1920New York, USA I14413
16 Stuart-Houston, Howard Ronald  14 Sep 1989New York, USA I12697
17 Williams, Mary  14 Jul 1958New York, USA I13693
18 Zeman, Frances B  1981New York, USA I25074


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Dowlen, Anna  New York, USA I1198
2 Dowling, Charles A  Aft 24 Apr 1997New York, USA I12849
3 Dowling, Stephen J  12 Jan 1928New York, USA I5052


Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 Bordewich, Jennie L  13 Sep 1919New York, USA I20720
2 Cullinane, Jane  5 May 1873New York, USA I12157
3 Dineen, Thomas  New York, USA I17399
4 Donohue, Martin F  1 Sep 1873New York, USA I17279
5 Dowling, Andrew  12 Sep 1867New York, USA I15518
6 Dowling, Bartholomew Joseph  12 Jul 1903New York, USA I23840
7 Dowling, Bridget  12 Sep 1867New York, USA I15526
8 Dowling, Bridget Elizabeth  Between 30 Mar 1939 and 2 Jan 1940New York, USA I935
9 Dowling, George Benjamin  Apr 1885New York, USA I12773
10 Dowling, Harold Willard  21 Jul 1919New York, USA I1020
11 Dowling, Harold Willard  19 Nov 1940New York, USA I1020
12 Dowling, Hector Vincent  6 Aug 1926New York, USA I11453
13 Dowling, James  24 Jul 1826New York, USA I28258
14 Dowling, James  1854New York, USA I1616
15 Dowling, John  24 Jul 1826New York, USA I28260
16 Dowling, John  1912New York, USA I4007
17 Dowling, John  25 Nov 1927New York, USA I28054
18 Dowling, Josephine Bridget  12 Oct 1930New York, USA I25978
19 Dowling, Judith  24 Jul 1826New York, USA I28259
20 Dowling, Margaret  14 Dec 1917New York, USA I25976
21 Dowling, Margaret  23 Nov 1928New York, USA I25976
22 Dowling, Margaret  28 Oct 1929New York, USA I25976
23 Dowling, Mary  12 Sep 1867New York, USA I15525
24 Dowling, Michael  1816New York, USA I1821
25 Dowling, Michael  24 Jul 1826New York, USA I28257
26 Dowling, Noel Thomas  21 Sep 1929New York, USA I11883
27 Dowling, Sarah  19 Sep 1867New York, USA I15523
28 Dowling, Thomas S  8 May 1920New York, USA I22516
29 Dowling, William J  6 Jun 1914New York, USA I10016
30 Hennessey, Judith  12 Sep 1867New York, USA I15519
31 Hitler, William Patrick  Between 30 Mar 1939 and 2 Jan 1940New York, USA I937
32 Kirkwood, Margaret  7 Sep 1885New York, USA I18361
33 Leahy, Johanna  20 May 1873New York, USA I17282
34 Leahy, Johanna  20 May 1873New York, USA I17282
35 Merchant, Jasper  15 Nov 1869New York, USA I14514
36 Mullaney, Mary  1901New York, USA I23841
37 Perya, Anna F  Aft 27 Apr 1927New York, USA I28309
38 Perya, Lucile Marie  Aft 27 Apr 1927New York, USA I28310
39 Strodl, Vera Elsie  Aft 24 Aug 1946New York, USA I26784
40 Venzel, Marie Anna  16 Oct 1922New York, USA I14283

Award or Medal

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Award or Medal    Person ID 
1 Dowling, Charles A  New York, USA I12849


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Dowlen, Katherine  New York, USA I1284
2 Dowlen, Meta  New York, USA I1309


Matches 1 to 96 of 96

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1   New York, USA I19149
2 Barnes, Christine  Abt 1885New York, USA I15953
3 Blackman, Stephen  Abt 1802New York, USA I18348
4 Brown, Delsie L  1894New York, USA I20941
5 Burroughs, Catharine  New York, USA I25556
6 Curry, Anna Loretta  Abt 1888New York, USA I15922
7 Dolan, Frank Joseph  1880New York, USA I14025
8 Dolan, Frank Joseph  1882New York, USA I14025
9 Dolan, John James  1887New York, USA I14616
10 Dowling, Alice Arleen  Abt 1924New York, USA I17222
11 Dowling, Andrew  Abt 1812New York, USA I18290
12 Dowling, Annie E  Abt 1852New York, USA I16095
13 Dowling, Bernard F  Abt 1913New York, USA I16317
14 Dowling, Charles A  1923New York, USA I12849
15 Dowling, Denis N  1896New York, USA I23704
16 Dowling, Denis N  1897New York, USA I23704
17 Dowling, Denis N  1898New York, USA I23704
18 Dowling, Edward Joseph  1912New York, USA I15849
19 Dowling, Frank J  1870New York, USA I12679
20 Dowling, Frank J  1876New York, USA I12679
21 Dowling, Frederick Eldred  1894New York, USA I16867
22 Dowling, Irma Helena  1911New York, USA I13364
23 Dowling, James  1892New York, USA I23702
24 Dowling, Jane Ann  1810New York, USA I4395
25 Dowling, Jane Ann  1814New York, USA I4395
26 Dowling, John  New York, USA I25555
27 Dowling, John  Abt 1850New York, USA I16094
28 Dowling, John Franklin  Sep 1850New York, USA I16862
29 Dowling, John Franklin  Abt 1856New York, USA I16862
30 Dowling, John Franklin  1900New York, USA I16858
31 Dowling, John Joseph  Abt 1882New York, USA I15889
32 Dowling, John Joseph  May 1883New York, USA I12671
33 Dowling, John Joseph  1886New York, USA I12671
34 Dowling, John W  1894New York, USA I12850
35 Dowling, Joseph  1894New York, USA I23703
36 Dowling, Joseph Beals  1866New York, USA I22920
37 Dowling, Margaret Mary  Abt 1907New York, USA I15923
38 Dowling, Margaret Mary  Abt 1908New York, USA I15923
39 Dowling, Mary  Jan 1898New York, USA I23689
40 Dowling, Mary Ann  1879New York, USA I15868
41 Dowling, Mary Ann  Apr 1879New York, USA I15868
42 Dowling, Mary Ann  Jan 1889New York, USA I19415
43 Dowling, Mary B  Abt 1915New York, USA I16318
44 Dowling, Robert Emmet  Abt 1915New York, USA I15850
45 Dowling, Robert W  New York, USA I25445
46 Dowling, Sarah  1867New York, USA I15523
47 Dowling, Thomas Henry  1850New York, USA I3043
48 Dowling, Thomas J  1858New York, USA I25540
49 Dowling, Thomas J  1870New York, USA I25540
50 Dowling, Towena Violet Margaret  Oct 1856New York, USA I3048
51 Dowling, William  1843New York, USA I18284
52 Dowling, Winifred D  Abt 1896New York, USA I16861
53 Dowling, Winifred D  Jun 1896New York, USA I16861
54 Fordham, Charles H  Abt 1810New York, USA I4396
55 Fordham, Charles H  Abt 1812New York, USA I4396
56 Fordham, Charles Henry  1837New York, USA I18274
57 Fordham, George W  1840New York, USA I18275
58 Galgano, Angelina  Abt 1910New York, USA I17243
59 Galgano, Louis  Abt 1914New York, USA I17244
60 Ireland, Harriet  Abt 1893New York, USA I16878
61 Ireland, Harriet  Abt 1894New York, USA I16878
62 Irving, Margaret  Between 1885 and 1886New York, USA I15507
63 Kosky, Edmund  Abt 1908New York, USA I15963
64 Kwiatkoski, Rose M  Abt 1899New York, USA I15961
65 Little, William J  May 1872New York, USA I12681
66 Mahony, Annie E  1896New York, USA I27949
67 Murphy, Annie  1877New York, USA I5060
68 Murphy, Annie  1878New York, USA I5060
69 Murphy, Annie  1879New York, USA I5060
70 Murphy, Annie  1880New York, USA I5060
71 Murphy, Catherine  1908New York, USA I24410
72 Murphy, Cornelius  New York, USA I24413
73 Murphy, Cornelius  1901New York, USA I24407
74 Murphy, John  1905New York, USA I24408
75 Murphy, John Joseph  1873New York, USA I24400
76 Murphy, Joseph  1900New York, USA I24406
77 Murphy, Joseph  1901New York, USA I24406
78 Murphy, Mary E  1884New York, USA I27952
79 Murphy, Thomas Peter  1898New York, USA I24405
80 Myars, James Albert  Abt 1844New York, USA I18309
81 Myars, James Albert  Abt 1847New York, USA I18309
82 Myers, Isaac  New York, USA I18316
83 Rozea, Regina M  1891New York, USA I23688
84 Rushton, Mary Elizabeth  1867New York, USA I13363
85 Rushton, Mary Elizabeth  Feb 1869New York, USA I13363
86 Shea, Daniel  1929New York, USA I24147
87 Shea, John F  1929New York, USA I24146
88 Shea, Patrick J  1889New York, USA I1806
89 Shea, Patrick J  1928New York, USA I24145
90 Sullivan, Mary  New York, USA I24412
91 Vallely, Ellen Helen  Abt 1854New York, USA I15886
92 White, Ellen  1845New York, USA I19138
93 White, Mary Ann  1835New York, USA I25048
94 White, Mary Ann  1839New York, USA I25048
95 Zoller, Emma  1866New York, USA I13388
96 Zoller, Emma  1867New York, USA I13388


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Dolan, Patrick  Bef 1900New York, USA I14024
2 Dowling, Andrew  Abt 1891New York, USA I4394


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Departure    Person ID 
1 Dowling, Marjorie Janet  16 Jun 1923New York, USA I20722


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Description    Person ID 
1 Dowling, Bridget Elizabeth  30 Mar 1939New York, USA I935
2 Dowling, Harold Willard  21 Jul 1919New York, USA I1020
3 Dowling, Harold Willard  19 Nov 1940New York, USA I1020
4 Dowling, John  7 Mar 1932New York, USA I28054
5 Hitler, William Patrick  30 Mar 1939New York, USA I937
6 Perya, Lucile Marie  12 Apr 1946New York, USA I28310


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 Carroll, Bridget  15 Jan 1920New York, USA I16316
2 Dowling, Harold Willard  19 Nov 1940New York, USA I1020
3 Irwin, Bernard J D  1851New York, USA I18102


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Dowling, John Joseph  12 Sep 1918New York, USA I15889


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID 
1 Dowling, Bridget Elizabeth  Between 1941 and 1950New York, USA I935
2 Dowling, Bridget Elizabeth  23 Jan 1941New York, USA I935
3 Dowling, Martin  25 Jul 1877New York, USA I15885
4 Dowling, Michael J  23 Oct 1854New York, USA I17532


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID 
1 Dowling, John  7 Mar 1932New York, USA I28054


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Dowling, Bernard F  15 Jan 1920New York, USA I16303
2 Dowling, Bernard F  1 Apr 1940New York, USA I16317
3 Dowling, Bernard F  1 Apr 1940New York, USA I16303
4 Dowling, Catherine Kay  4 Apr 1940New York, USA I15928
5 Dowling, Charles Edmund  5 Apr 1930New York, USA I11915
6 Dowling, Edward  24 Jul 1826New York, USA I28261
7 Dowling, Edward  Bef 23 Apr 1912New York, USA I19383
8 Dowling, Frances P  1 Apr 1940New York, USA I16319
9 Dowling, Frederick Eldred  17 Jan 1920New York, USA I16867
10 Dowling, Harold Willard  Between 25 Jun and 19 Nov 1940New York, USA I1020
11 Dowling, Harold Willard  21 Jul 1919New York, USA I1020
12 Dowling, Hector Vincent  6 Aug 1926New York, USA I11453
13 Dowling, Herschel  3 Jan 1920New York, USA I13385
14 Dowling, Herschel  8 Apr 1930New York, USA I13385
15 Dowling, Ida L  19 Apr 1910New York, USA I13393
16 Dowling, Isaac C  4 Aug 1854New York, USA I19139
17 Dowling, John  24 Jul 1826New York, USA I28260
18 Dowling, John  7 Mar 1932New York, USA I28054
19 Dowling, John Francis  Between 1932 and 11 Sep 1943New York, USA I15926
20 Dowling, John Franklin  Between 12 Sep 1918 and 1 Apr 1940New York, USA I16858
21 Dowling, John Henry  22 Jun 1870New York, USA I15859
22 Dowling, John Joseph  Between 23 Apr 1910 and 4 Apr 1940New York, USA I15889
23 Dowling, John W  1 Apr 1940New York, USA I12850
24 Dowling, Judith  24 Jul 1826New York, USA I28259
25 Dowling, Lawrence Leslie  23 Apr 1910New York, USA I13389
26 Dowling, Lester  1 Apr 1940New York, USA I12854
27 Dowling, Margaret Mary  Between 7 Apr 1930 and 4 Apr 1940New York, USA I15923
28 Dowling, Marie Paula  5 Apr 1940New York, USA I17216
29 Dowling, Martin  22 Jun 1870New York, USA I15885
30 Dowling, Martin  25 Jul 1877New York, USA I15885
31 Dowling, Mary B  1 Apr 1940New York, USA I16318
32 Dowling, Otto Carl  12 Jul 1926New York, USA I19137
33 Dowling, Sabina  2 Jul 1856New York, USA I18611
34 Dowling, Thomas  1 Jun 1915New York, USA I16322
35 Dowling, Vincent Rushton  26 Apr 1930New York, USA I13394
36 Dowling, Winifred D  17 Jan 1920New York, USA I16861
37 Greenfield, Webb H  3 Apr 1930New York, USA I16863
38 Hitler, William Patrick  30 Mar 1939New York, USA I937
39 Maloney, Marie L  5 Apr 1940New York, USA I17218
40 Olcott  New York, USA I27339
41 Stevens, Fred M  1 Jun 1915New York, USA I13396
42 Strodl, Vera Elsie  Aft 24 Aug 1946New York, USA I26784


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Passport    Person ID 
1 Dowling, Kathleen Barry  26 Jul 1951New York, USA I20723
2 Dowling, Michael John  18 Jun 1919New York, USA I20717


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Religion    Person ID 
1 Dowling, Edward  23 Apr 1912New York, USA I19383
2 Dowling, Walter J  Bef 16 Oct 1939New York, USA I2164


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Cuddeback, Maria  1864New York, USA I16869
2 Dinsmore, Thursa  New York, USA I27327
3 Doolan, Michael  Bef 1835New York, USA I5036
4 Dowling, Margaret  Between 1920 and 1927New York, USA I25976
5 Dowling, Michael  Aft 3 Sep 1783New York, USA I27330
6 Dowling, William Warren  1861New York, USA I27586
7 Glennon, Luke  1942New York, USA I13948
8 Hamilton, Elizabeth  1861New York, USA I27587
9 Mullaney, Mary  Aft 25 Sep 1902New York, USA I23841
10 Murphy, Annie  21 Jun 1899New York, USA I5060
11 Myars, James Albert  3 Jul 1865New York, USA I18309

Social Security Number

Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Social Security Number    Person ID 
1 Dowlen, Anna  New York, USA I1198
2 Dowling, Bernard F  Between 1957 and 1959New York, USA I16303
3 Dowling, Bridget Elizabeth  New York, USA I935
4 Dowling, Charles Victor  Jan 1937New York, USA I17220
5 Dowling, Florence Catherine Elizabeth  Oct 1937New York, USA I4008
6 Dowling, Frederick James  New York, USA I12867
7 Dowling, John Joseph  1951New York, USA I15889
8 Dowling, Noel Thomas  New York, USA I11883
9 Dowling, Thomas S  Bef 1951New York, USA I22516
10 Kwiatkowki, Joseph Francis  Bef 1951New York, USA I15930


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Unspecified    Person ID 
1 Dowling, Bartholomew Joseph  New York, USA I23840


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    _DEST    Person ID 
1 Dowling, Catherine  22 Dec 1855New York, USA I10265
2 Perya, Lucile Marie  12 Apr 1946New York, USA I28310


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    _MILT    Person ID 
1 Hitler, William Patrick  Apr 1944New York, USA I937


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dennis / King  1821New York, USA F17857