Dowling One Name Study

New York, USA


Tree: Dowling-One-Name-Study

Latitude: 42.7531, Longitude: -74.2224


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 George T  New York, USA I20942 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2   New York, USA I25450 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
3   New York, USA I25451 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
4   New York, USA I19423 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
5   New York, USA I19424 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
6   New York, USA I19186 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
7   New York, USA I18276 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
8 , Ethel  1898New York, USA I25449 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
9 , Mary  New York, USA I15514 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
10 , Mary  1836New York, USA I18304 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
11 , Matilda A  1844New York, USA I14433 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
12 Barnes, Christine  Abt 1885New York, USA I15953 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
13 Barnes, Eric Marvin  4 May 1942New York, USA I18797 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
14 Brady, Anna  Abt 1904New York, USA I14500 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
15 Caffrey, Mary  Mar 1863New York, USA I2796 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
16 Carter, May G  1895New York, USA I18791 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
17 Carter, Thomas V  1890New York, USA I18790 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
18 Casey, Mary Duff  Jul 1857New York, USA I20841 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
19 Cavanaugh, Mary Jane  New York, USA I2795 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
20 Chelus, Violet  Abt 1917New York, USA I15879 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
21 Cobeion, Joe  New York, USA I22227 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
22 Connor, William A  Jul 1850New York, USA I20860 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
23 Craft, Irene W  1856New York, USA I14435 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
24 Cuddeback, Maria  1818New York, USA I16869 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
25 Curry, James Michael  1852New York, USA I15951 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
26 Dolan, John James  May 1884New York, USA I14616 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
27 Dolan, Lizzie D  Dec 1876New York, USA I14613 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
28 Dolan, Margret A  Jun 1881New York, USA I14614 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
29 Dolon, Salona  New York, USA I18315 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
30 Dowlin, Andrew J  1874New York, USA I15521 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
31 Dowling, Agnes  1918New York, USA I23908 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
32 Dowling, Alan Frances  1916New York, USA I23709 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
33 Dowling, Ambrose W  Oct 1895New York, USA I19413 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
34 Dowling, Andrew  Abt 1814New York, USA I18290 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
35 Dowling, Anna  Sep 1884New York, USA I15528 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
36 Dowling, Anne Elizabeth  3 Apr 1912New York, USA I15927 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
37 Dowling, Annie E  Between 1847 and 1848New York, USA I16095 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
38 Dowling, Arthur  Abt 1924New York, USA I23903 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
39 Dowling, Bernard F  Abt 1914New York, USA I16317 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
40 Dowling, Bessie  Oct 1886New York, USA I15532 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
41 Dowling, Bridget  1850New York, USA I25658 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
42 Dowling, Casey  1871New York, USA I15524 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
43 Dowling, Catherine  Abt 1878New York, USA I15887 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
44 Dowling, Catherine Kay  11 Feb 1914New York, USA I15928 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
45 Dowling, Charles  1917New York, USA I23907 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
46 Dowling, Charles A  15 Aug 1923New York, USA I12849 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
47 Dowling, Denis N  Dec 1895New York, USA I23704 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
48 Dowling, Edward  Apr 1880New York, USA I16093 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
49 Dowling, Edward Joseph  5 Oct 1910New York, USA I15849 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
50 Dowling, Edward T  May 1891New York, USA I19426 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
51 Dowling, Eleanor  Abt 1925New York, USA I15846 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
52 Dowling, Elizabeth  1784New York, USA I27337 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
53 Dowling, Florence  Between 1868 and 1869New York, USA I16096 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
54 Dowling, Florence  1869New York, USA I28726 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
55 Dowling, Frances P  Abt 1918New York, USA I16319 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
56 Dowling, Frank  Oct 1882New York, USA I15531 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
57 Dowling, Frank J  Jan 1872New York, USA I12679 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
58 Dowling, Frederick Vere  Mar 1897New York, USA I13392 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
59 Dowling, George  1861New York, USA I18289 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
60 Dowling, George R  Sep 1899New York, USA I19414 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
61 Dowling, Glenn Archibold  23 Sep 1891New York, USA I13390 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
62 Dowling, Grace Delores  8 Oct 1922New York, USA I15929 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
63 Dowling, Helen A  14 Aug 1905New York, USA I5062 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
64 Dowling, Henry  Abt 1828New York, USA I18303 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
65 Dowling, Henry H  Abt 1837New York, USA I18299 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
66 Dowling, Herschel  9 Oct 1858New York, USA I13385 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
67 Dowling, Herschel E  1917New York, USA I13400 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
68 Dowling, Ida L  Jan 1889New York, USA I13393 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
69 Dowling, Irma Helena  17 May 1910New York, USA I13364 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
70 Dowling, Isabella  Abt 1838New York, USA I18302 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
71 Dowling, James  1775New York, USA I27328 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
72 Dowling, James  Sep 1891New York, USA I23702 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
73 Dowling, Jane  1839New York, USA I18295 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
74 Dowling, Jane Ann  Abt 1813New York, USA I4395 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
75 Dowling, Jay Hamilton  1861New York, USA I27584 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
76 Dowling, Jenny E  1864New York, USA I25454 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
77 Dowling, John  1846New York, USA I16094 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
78 Dowling, John  1850New York, USA I16089 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
79 Dowling, John  May 1868New York, USA I12852 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
80 Dowling, John  Abt 1894New York, USA I18305 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
81 Dowling, John Franklin  27 Sep 1898New York, USA I16858 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
82 Dowling, Joseph  1869New York, USA I15520 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
83 Dowling, Joseph  Jan 1870New York, USA I16097 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
84 Dowling, Joseph  Dec 1893New York, USA I23703 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
85 Dowling, Joseph  Abt 1922New York, USA I15845 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
86 Dowling, Kate  Oct 1873New York, USA I15527 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
87 Dowling, Laura  1881New York, USA I15890 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
88 Dowling, Lawrence  Abt 1919New York, USA I15844 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
89 Dowling, Lester  1915New York, USA I12854 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
90 Dowling, Margaret Mary  Abt 1903New York, USA I15923 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
91 Dowling, Maria  1845New York, USA I18297 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
92 Dowling, Martin  1877New York, USA I15522 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
93 Dowling, Mary  1804New York, USA I27437 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
94 Dowling, Mary Ann  Oct 1881New York, USA I15868 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
95 Dowling, Mary B  Abt 1916New York, USA I16318 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
96 Dowling, Mary F  1865New York, USA I25455 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
97 Dowling, Mathilda  1879New York, USA I28721 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
98 Dowling, Matilda  1842New York, USA I18296 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
99 Dowling, Michael  Abt 1784New York, USA I27342 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
100 Dowling, Michael F  Mar 1893New York, USA I19412 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
101 Dowling, Raymond V  1916New York, USA I13399 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
102 Dowling, Robert  1846New York, USA I18298 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
103 Dowling, Robert W  Sep 1895New York, USA I25447 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
104 Dowling, Rose  1896New York, USA I12851 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
105 Dowling, Ruth P  Mar 1899New York, USA I25448 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
106 Dowling, Sarah  Abt 1781New York, USA I27340 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
107 Dowling, Sarah  Abt 1856New York, USA I16092 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
108 Dowling, Seleth  Abt 1866New York, USA I18294 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
109 Dowling, Thomas  1865New York, USA I28725 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
110 Dowling, Thomas J  19 May 1868New York, USA I25540 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
111 Dowling, Towena Violet Margaret  1850New York, USA I3048 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
112 Dowling, William  1847New York, USA I18284 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
113 Dowling, William  May 1875New York, USA I25557 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
114 Dowling, William  Dec 1879New York, USA I15530 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
115 Dowling, William John  Abt 1910New York, USA I15842 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
116 Dowling, Winifred D  Abt 1897New York, USA I16861 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
117 Enright, Eileen M  Abt 1913New York, USA I16320 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
118 Feeley, James  Nov 1845New York, USA I20840 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
119 Fellman, Willard Harrington  Abt 1908New York, USA I15924 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
120 Fordham, Betsy E.  Abt 1854New York, USA I18278 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
121 Fordham, Charles H  Abt 1813New York, USA I4396 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
122 Fordham, Daniel  1836New York, USA I18281 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
123 Fordham, John  New York, USA I18277 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
124 Fordham, Lydia Ann  1850New York, USA I18279 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
125 Fordham, Sally  1838New York, USA I18282 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
126 Fordham, Thomas  1832New York, USA I18280 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
127 Gaffuy, Margaret  New York, USA I19421 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
128 Galgano, Angelina  Abt 1899New York, USA I17243 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
129 Galgano, Antoniette  Abt 1905New York, USA I17245 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
130 Galgano, Daniel  Abt 1893New York, USA I17241 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
131 Galgano, George  Abt 1895New York, USA I17242 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
132 Galgano, Louis  Abt 1902New York, USA I17244 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
133 Galgano, Mildred  Abt 1897New York, USA I17234 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
134 Galgano, Robert  Abt 1916New York, USA I17247 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
135 Galgano, Rocco  Abt 1910New York, USA I17246 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
136 Gardner, Arthur C  1907New York, USA I25893 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
137 Gass, Mary L  Sep 1865New York, USA I17322 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
138 Graves, William J  New York, USA I19422 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
139 Guruee, Jennie E  1851New York, USA I14343 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
140 Hecker, Adaline  Apr 1838New York, USA I11191 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
141 Hole, Juliet  1848New York, USA I13466 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
142 Ireland, Harriet  Dec 1892New York, USA I16878 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
143 Ireland, Saycelle  Mar 1859New York, USA I16887 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
144 Ireland, Western  Jul 1899New York, USA I16885 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
145 Irving, James  New York, USA I15513 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
146 Irwin, Emma  Jun 1876New York, USA I18515 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
147 J, Antoinette  1886New York, USA I14461 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
148 Jakeway, Alfred  Apr 1852New York, USA I12683 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
149 Judge, Jeanne C  10 Sep 1939New York, USA I15932 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
150 Kavanagh, Henery  1908New York, USA I24420 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
151 Kavanagh, John  1914New York, USA I24421 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
152 Kelly, Elizabeth Esther  New York, USA I15952 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
153 Kingberry, Jane L  Abt 1907New York, USA I15920 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
154 Kosky, Edmund  Abt 1907New York, USA I15963 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
155 Kuestner, George  20 Oct 1881New York, USA I14282 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
156 Kuestner, William  27 Jun 1887New York, USA I14270 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
157 Kwiatkoski, Bernard  Abt 1903New York, USA I15962 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
158 Kwiatkoski, Rose M  Jul 1898New York, USA I15961 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
159 Kwiatkowki, Joseph Francis  14 Mar 1910New York, USA I15930 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
160 Lewis, Elizabeth A  1817New York, USA I13805 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
161 Link, Minetta  May 1868New York, USA I25442 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
162 Lyman, Anne Claressa  28 Nov 1809New York, USA I27357 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
163 M, Rose  1880New York, USA I18541 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
164 Mahony, Annie E  1895New York, USA I27949 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
165 Manly, Jane  1844New York, USA I28722 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
166 McCann, Mary A J  1840New York, USA I25446 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
167 McLean, Alfred Augustus  8 Aug 1841New York, USA I13801 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
168 McLean, Edward  1807New York, USA I13804 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
169 Miller, Alvin  1865New York, USA I14448 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
170 Miller, David B  1832New York, USA I14441 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
171 Miller, Ellen  1869New York, USA I14450 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
172 Miller, Ellen B  1832New York, USA I14443 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
173 Miller, Ivon B  1855New York, USA I14445 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
174 Miller, J  1859New York, USA I14446 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
175 Miller, Lillie  1866New York, USA I14449 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
176 Miller, Maria  1854New York, USA I14444 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
177 Miller, Martha  1835New York, USA I14442 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
178 Miller, Osworth  1862New York, USA I14447 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
179 Minnie  1894New York, USA I14465 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
180 Mulholland, Andrew N  1905New York, USA I14457 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
181 Mulholland, Grace E  1909New York, USA I14459 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
182 Murphy, Annie  1876New York, USA I5060 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
183 Murphy, Mary E  1883New York, USA I27952 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
184 Myers, Isaac  Abt 1802New York, USA I18316 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
185 Nanry, Anna Lee  17 Sep 1895New York, USA I14468 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
186 Nanry, Anna M  Abt 1911New York, USA I14487 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
187 Nanry, Dorothy V  Mar 1910New York, USA I14482 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
188 Nanry, Florance  Abt 1903New York, USA I14486 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
189 Nanry, John Claymore  24 Nov 1918New York, USA I14492 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
190 Nanry, Walter J  1876New York, USA I14483 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
191 Percival, Mary A  New York, USA I25444 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
192 Phelan, Child  1852New York, USA I8327 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
193 Pierce, Otto Brittain  27 Jan 1903New York, USA I19154 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
194 Powers, Mary  1871New York, USA I20781 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
195 Proctor, Robert M  1892New York, USA I19179 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
196 Rice, Mary  1861New York, USA I19737 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
197 Riley, John  1852New York, USA I25666 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
198 Riley, Kate  1854New York, USA I25667 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
199 Riley, Michal  1855New York, USA I25668 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
200 Rushton, Mary Elizabeth  1870New York, USA I13363 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
201 Russell, Mary  1871New York, USA I12853 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
202 Scanlon, Michael  Jul 1884New York, USA I17320 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
203 Seubert, George  1906New York, USA I23706 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
204 Shea, Daniel  5 May 1930New York, USA I24147 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
205 Shea, John F  1928New York, USA I24146 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
206 Shea, Patrick J  1927New York, USA I24145 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
207 Sheehan, Edward  1850New York, USA I11138 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
208 Sherman, Catherine  1868New York, USA I21106 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
209 Sherman, Maria  1835New York, USA I25129 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
210 Shetler, Melissa 'Lizia'  28 Jan 1827New York, USA I13468 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
211 Slate, Clara  1896New York, USA I13398 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
212 Smith, Josephess  1896New York, USA I15535 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
213 Smith, Marien  1898New York, USA I15536 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
214 Smith, Vincent  1893New York, USA I15534 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
215 Spooner, Charles E  1846New York, USA I20800 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
216 Spooner, Clayton  Abt 1908New York, USA I20803 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
217 Spooner, Gertrude  27 Aug 1906New York, USA I20802 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
218 Spooner, John  Abt 1905New York, USA I20801 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
219 Spooner, Marion  1909New York, USA I20804 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
220 St.Peter, Mary  29 Aug 1896New York, USA I20930 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
221 Stuart-Houston, Howard Ronald  1957New York, USA I12697 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
222 Vallely, Ellen Helen  Abt 1856New York, USA I15886 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
223 Venzel, John  Jun 1867New York, USA I14286 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
224 Villamana, Luciele  1912New York, USA I26759 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
225 Vogt, Elizabeth Bertha  1889New York, USA I14491 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
226 Welch, Eunice A  New York, USA I25503 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
227 Wells, Harry John  1922New York, USA I28828 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
228 Wells, Norman R  1926New York, USA I28830 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
229 Wells, Robert A  1925New York, USA I28829 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
230 White, Ellen  1839New York, USA I19138 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
231 White, Mary Ann  1837New York, USA I25048 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
232 Wright, Andrew Storms  3 Sep 1849New York, USA I14416 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
233 Wright, Andrew Warren  6 Apr 1891New York, USA I14415 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
234 Wright, Antoinette W Nettie  1869New York, USA I14434 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
235 Wright, Charlotte Louisa  Aug 1853New York, USA I14438 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
236 Wright, Eliza M  Aug 1853New York, USA I14439 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
237 Wright, Grace  19 Aug 1881New York, USA I14452 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
238 Wright, Harold D  21 Nov 1893New York, USA I14464 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
239 Wright, Jacob W  May 1845New York, USA I14432 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
240 Wright, Walter Storms  27 Jun 1882New York, USA I14460 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
241 Wright, Walter W  May 1842New York, USA I14431 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
242 Wright, William H  9 Oct 1818New York, USA I14417 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
243 Wright, Winifred  Dec 1878New York, USA I14451 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
244 Zoller, Emma  1864New York, USA I13388 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dineen, Mary  1970New York, USA I17397 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Dolan, Elizabeth C 'Bettie'  27 Dec 1977New York, USA I14512 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
3 Dolan, Patrick  1900New York, USA I14024 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
4 Donohoe, Michael John  1937New York, USA I13768 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
5 Dowling, Aldrick  1943New York, USA I12821 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
6 Dowling, Annie  3 Jan 1920New York, USA I3202 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
7 Dowling, Bernard F  Dec 1965New York, USA I16303 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
8 Dowling, Charles A  24 Apr 1997New York, USA I12849 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
9 Dowling, Helena  20 Mar 1983New York, USA I22015 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
10 Dowling, Margaret Mary  18 Jan 1992New York, USA I15923 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
11 Dowling, Stephen F  14 Mar 1895New York, USA I16870 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
12 Kelly, Elizabeth Esther  5 Aug 1940New York, USA I15952 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
13 McGrath, Ann  29 Jul 1977New York, USA I14497 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
14 Nanry, Anna Lee  Dec 1971New York, USA I14468 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
15 O'Brien, Mary  Aft 28 Jan 1920New York, USA I14413 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
16 Stuart-Houston, Howard Ronald  14 Sep 1989New York, USA I12697 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
17 Williams, Mary  14 Jul 1958New York, USA I13693 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
18 Zeman, Frances B  1981New York, USA I25074 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dowlen, Anna  New York, USA I1198 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Dowling, Charles A  Aft 24 Apr 1997New York, USA I12849 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
3 Dowling, Stephen J  12 Jan 1928New York, USA I5052 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID   Tree 
1 Private  New York, USA I1642 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 , Chrissie  New York, USA I1641 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
3 Bordewich, Jennie L  13 Sep 1919New York, USA I20720 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
4 Cullinane, Jane  5 May 1873New York, USA I12157 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
5 Dineen, Thomas  New York, USA I17399 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
6 Donohue, Martin F  1 Sep 1873New York, USA I17279 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
7 Dowling, Andrew  12 Sep 1867New York, USA I15518 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
8 Dowling, Bartholomew Joseph  12 Jul 1903New York, USA I23840 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
9 Dowling, Bridget  12 Sep 1867New York, USA I15526 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
10 Dowling, Bridget Elizabeth  Between 30 Mar 1939 and 2 Jan 1940New York, USA I935 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
11 Dowling, Charles  New York, USA I1638 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
12 Dowling, George Benjamin  Apr 1885New York, USA I12773 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
13 Dowling, Harold Willard  21 Jul 1919New York, USA I1020 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
14 Dowling, Harold Willard  19 Nov 1940New York, USA I1020 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
15 Dowling, Hector Vincent  6 Aug 1926New York, USA I11453 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
16 Dowling, James  24 Jul 1826New York, USA I28258 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
17 Dowling, James  1854New York, USA I1616 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
18 Dowling, John  24 Jul 1826New York, USA I28260 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
19 Dowling, John  1912New York, USA I4007 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
20 Dowling, John  25 Nov 1927New York, USA I28054 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
21 Dowling, Josephine Bridget  12 Oct 1930New York, USA I25978 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
22 Dowling, Judith  24 Jul 1826New York, USA I28259 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
23 Dowling, Margaret  14 Dec 1917New York, USA I25976 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
24 Dowling, Margaret  23 Nov 1928New York, USA I25976 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
25 Dowling, Margaret  28 Oct 1929New York, USA I25976 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
26 Dowling, Mary  12 Sep 1867New York, USA I15525 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
27 Dowling, Michael  1816New York, USA I1821 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
28 Dowling, Michael  24 Jul 1826New York, USA I28257 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
29 Dowling, Noel Thomas  21 Sep 1929New York, USA I11883 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
30 Dowling, Sarah  19 Sep 1867New York, USA I15523 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
31 Dowling, Thomas S  8 May 1920New York, USA I22516 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
32 Dowling, William J  6 Jun 1914New York, USA I10016 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
33 Hennessey, Judith  12 Sep 1867New York, USA I15519 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
34 Hitler, William Patrick  Between 30 Mar 1939 and 2 Jan 1940New York, USA I937 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
35 Kirkwood, Margaret  7 Sep 1885New York, USA I18361 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
36 Leahy, Johanna  20 May 1873New York, USA I17282 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
37 Leahy, Johanna  20 May 1873New York, USA I17282 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
38 Merchant, Jasper  15 Nov 1869New York, USA I14514 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
39 Mullaney, Mary Anne  1901New York, USA I23841 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
40 Perya, Anna F  Aft 27 Apr 1927New York, USA I28309 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
41 Perya, Lucile Marie  Aft 27 Apr 1927New York, USA I28310 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
42 Strodl, Vera Elsie  Aft 24 Aug 1946New York, USA I26784 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
43 Venzel, Marie Anna  16 Oct 1922New York, USA I14283 Dowling-One-Name-Study 

Award or Medal

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Award or Medal    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dowling, Charles A  New York, USA I12849 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dowlen, Katherine  New York, USA I1284 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Dowlen, Meta  New York, USA I1309 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


Matches 1 to 101 of 101

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1   New York, USA I19149 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Barnes, Christine  Abt 1885New York, USA I15953 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
3 Blackman, Stephen  Abt 1802New York, USA I18348 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
4 Brown, Delsie L  1894New York, USA I20941 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
5 Burroughs, Catharine  New York, USA I25556 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
6 Curry, Anna Loretta  Abt 1888New York, USA I15922 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
7 Dolan, Frank Joseph  1880New York, USA I14025 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
8 Dolan, Frank Joseph  1882New York, USA I14025 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
9 Dolan, John James  1887New York, USA I14616 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
10 Dowling, Alice Arleen  Abt 1924New York, USA I17222 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
11 Dowling, Andrew  Abt 1812New York, USA I18290 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
12 Dowling, Annie E  Abt 1852New York, USA I16095 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
13 Dowling, Bernard F  Abt 1913New York, USA I16317 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
14 Dowling, Denis N  1896New York, USA I23704 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
15 Dowling, Denis N  1897New York, USA I23704 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
16 Dowling, Denis N  1898New York, USA I23704 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
17 Dowling, Edward Joseph  1912New York, USA I15849 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
18 Dowling, Frank J  1870New York, USA I12679 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
19 Dowling, Frank J  1876New York, USA I12679 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
20 Dowling, Frederick Eldred  1894New York, USA I16867 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
21 Dowling, Irma Helena  1911New York, USA I13364 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
22 Dowling, James  1892New York, USA I23702 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
23 Dowling, Jane Ann  1810New York, USA I4395 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
24 Dowling, Jane Ann  1814New York, USA I4395 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
25 Dowling, John  New York, USA I25555 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
26 Dowling, John  Abt 1850New York, USA I16094 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
27 Dowling, John  1866New York, USA I12852 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
28 Dowling, John  1867New York, USA I12852 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
29 Dowling, John Franklin  Sep 1850New York, USA I16862 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
30 Dowling, John Franklin  Abt 1856New York, USA I16862 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
31 Dowling, John Franklin  1900New York, USA I16858 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
32 Dowling, John Joseph  Abt 1882New York, USA I15889 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
33 Dowling, John Joseph  May 1883New York, USA I12671 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
34 Dowling, John Joseph  1886New York, USA I12671 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
35 Dowling, John W  Nov 1893New York, USA I12850 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
36 Dowling, John W  1894New York, USA I12850 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
37 Dowling, Joseph  1894New York, USA I23703 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
38 Dowling, Joseph Beals  1866New York, USA I22920 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
39 Dowling, Margaret Mary  Abt 1907New York, USA I15923 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
40 Dowling, Margaret Mary  Abt 1908New York, USA I15923 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
41 Dowling, Mary  Jan 1898New York, USA I23689 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
42 Dowling, Mary Ann  1879New York, USA I15868 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
43 Dowling, Mary Ann  Apr 1879New York, USA I15868 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
44 Dowling, Mary Ann  Jan 1889New York, USA I19415 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
45 Dowling, Mary B  Abt 1915New York, USA I16318 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
46 Dowling, Robert Emmet  Abt 1915New York, USA I15850 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
47 Dowling, Robert W  New York, USA I25445 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
48 Dowling, Sarah  1867New York, USA I15523 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
49 Dowling, Thomas Henry  1850New York, USA I3043 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
50 Dowling, Thomas J  1858New York, USA I25540 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
51 Dowling, Thomas J  1870New York, USA I25540 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
52 Dowling, Towena Violet Margaret  Oct 1856New York, USA I3048 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
53 Dowling, William  1843New York, USA I18284 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
54 Dowling, Winifred D  Abt 1896New York, USA I16861 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
55 Dowling, Winifred D  Jun 1896New York, USA I16861 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
56 Fordham, Charles H  Abt 1810New York, USA I4396 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
57 Fordham, Charles H  Abt 1812New York, USA I4396 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
58 Fordham, Charles Henry  1837New York, USA I18274 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
59 Fordham, George W  1840New York, USA I18275 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
60 Galgano, Angelina  Abt 1910New York, USA I17243 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
61 Galgano, Louis  Abt 1914New York, USA I17244 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
62 Ireland, Harriet  Abt 1893New York, USA I16878 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
63 Ireland, Harriet  Abt 1894New York, USA I16878 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
64 Irving, Margaret  Between 1885 and 1886New York, USA I15507 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
65 Kosky, Edmund  Abt 1908New York, USA I15963 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
66 Kropelin, Bertha Elizabeth  1898New York, USA I28827 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
67 Kropelin, Bertha Elizabeth  1899New York, USA I28827 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
68 Kwiatkoski, Rose M  Abt 1899New York, USA I15961 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
69 Little, William J  May 1872New York, USA I12681 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
70 Mahony, Annie E  1896New York, USA I27949 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
71 Murphy, Annie  1877New York, USA I5060 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
72 Murphy, Annie  1878New York, USA I5060 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
73 Murphy, Annie  1879New York, USA I5060 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
74 Murphy, Annie  1880New York, USA I5060 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
75 Murphy, Catherine  1908New York, USA I24410 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
76 Murphy, Cornelius  New York, USA I24413 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
77 Murphy, Cornelius  1901New York, USA I24407 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
78 Murphy, John  1905New York, USA I24408 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
79 Murphy, John Joseph  1873New York, USA I24400 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
80 Murphy, Joseph  1900New York, USA I24406 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
81 Murphy, Joseph  1901New York, USA I24406 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
82 Murphy, Mary E  1884New York, USA I27952 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
83 Murphy, Thomas Peter  1898New York, USA I24405 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
84 Myars, James Albert  Abt 1844New York, USA I18309 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
85 Myars, James Albert  Abt 1847New York, USA I18309 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
86 Myers, Isaac  New York, USA I18316 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
87 Rozea, Regina M  1891New York, USA I23688 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
88 Rushton, Mary Elizabeth  1867New York, USA I13363 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
89 Rushton, Mary Elizabeth  Feb 1869New York, USA I13363 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
90 Russell, Mary  1872New York, USA I12853 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
91 Shea, Daniel  1929New York, USA I24147 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
92 Shea, John F  1929New York, USA I24146 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
93 Shea, Patrick J  1889New York, USA I1806 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
94 Shea, Patrick J  1928New York, USA I24145 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
95 Sullivan, Mary  New York, USA I24412 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
96 Vallely, Ellen Helen  Abt 1854New York, USA I15886 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
97 White, Ellen  1845New York, USA I19138 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
98 White, Mary Ann  1835New York, USA I25048 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
99 White, Mary Ann  1839New York, USA I25048 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
100 Zoller, Emma  1866New York, USA I13388 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
101 Zoller, Emma  1867New York, USA I13388 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dolan, Patrick  Bef 1900New York, USA I14024 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Dowling, Andrew  Abt 1891New York, USA I4394 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Departure    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dowling, Marjorie Janet  16 Jun 1923New York, USA I20722 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Description    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dowling, Bridget Elizabeth  30 Mar 1939New York, USA I935 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Dowling, Harold Willard  21 Jul 1919New York, USA I1020 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
3 Dowling, Harold Willard  19 Nov 1940New York, USA I1020 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
4 Dowling, John  7 Mar 1932New York, USA I28054 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
5 Hitler, William Patrick  30 Mar 1939New York, USA I937 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
6 Perya, Lucile Marie  12 Apr 1946New York, USA I28310 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID   Tree 
1 Carroll, Bridget  15 Jan 1920New York, USA I16316 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Dowling, Harold Willard  19 Nov 1940New York, USA I1020 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
3 Irwin, Bernard J D  1851New York, USA I18102 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dooley, Martin Michael  1847New York, USA I2112 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Dowling, James  New York, USA I3433 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
3 Dowling, John  1916New York, USA I4007 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dowling, John Joseph  12 Sep 1918New York, USA I15889 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dowling, Bridget Elizabeth  Between 1941 and 1950New York, USA I935 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Dowling, Bridget Elizabeth  23 Jan 1941New York, USA I935 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
3 Dowling, Martin  25 Jul 1877New York, USA I15885 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
4 Dowling, Michael J  23 Oct 1854New York, USA I17532 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Note    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dowling, John  7 Mar 1932New York, USA I28054 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dowling, Bernard F  15 Jan 1920New York, USA I16303 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Dowling, Bernard F  1 Apr 1940New York, USA I16317 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
3 Dowling, Bernard F  1 Apr 1940New York, USA I16303 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
4 Dowling, Catherine Kay  4 Apr 1940New York, USA I15928 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
5 Dowling, Charles Edmund  5 Apr 1930New York, USA I11915 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
6 Dowling, Edward  24 Jul 1826New York, USA I28261 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
7 Dowling, Edward  Bef 23 Apr 1912New York, USA I19383 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
8 Dowling, Frances P  1 Apr 1940New York, USA I16319 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
9 Dowling, Frederick Eldred  17 Jan 1920New York, USA I16867 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
10 Dowling, Harold Willard  Between 25 Jun and 19 Nov 1940New York, USA I1020 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
11 Dowling, Harold Willard  21 Jul 1919New York, USA I1020 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
12 Dowling, Hector Vincent  6 Aug 1926New York, USA I11453 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
13 Dowling, Herschel  3 Jan 1920New York, USA I13385 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
14 Dowling, Herschel  8 Apr 1930New York, USA I13385 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
15 Dowling, Ida L  19 Apr 1910New York, USA I13393 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
16 Dowling, Isaac C  4 Aug 1854New York, USA I19139 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
17 Dowling, John  24 Jul 1826New York, USA I28260 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
18 Dowling, John  7 Mar 1932New York, USA I28054 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
19 Dowling, John Francis  Between 1932 and 11 Sep 1943New York, USA I15926 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
20 Dowling, John Franklin  Between 12 Sep 1918 and 1 Apr 1940New York, USA I16858 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
21 Dowling, John Henry  22 Jun 1870New York, USA I15859 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
22 Dowling, John Joseph  Between 23 Apr 1910 and 4 Apr 1940New York, USA I15889 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
23 Dowling, Judith  24 Jul 1826New York, USA I28259 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
24 Dowling, Lawrence Leslie  23 Apr 1910New York, USA I13389 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
25 Dowling, Margaret Mary  Between 7 Apr 1930 and 4 Apr 1940New York, USA I15923 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
26 Dowling, Marie Paula  5 Apr 1940New York, USA I17216 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
27 Dowling, Martin  22 Jun 1870New York, USA I15885 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
28 Dowling, Martin  25 Jul 1877New York, USA I15885 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
29 Dowling, Mary B  1 Apr 1940New York, USA I16318 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
30 Dowling, Otto Carl  12 Jul 1926New York, USA I19137 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
31 Dowling, Sabina  2 Jul 1856New York, USA I18611 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
32 Dowling, Thomas  1 Jun 1915New York, USA I16322 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
33 Dowling, Vincent Rushton  26 Apr 1930New York, USA I13394 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
34 Dowling, Winifred D  17 Jan 1920New York, USA I16861 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
35 Greenfield, Webb H  3 Apr 1930New York, USA I16863 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
36 Hitler, William Patrick  30 Mar 1939New York, USA I937 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
37 Maloney, Marie L  5 Apr 1940New York, USA I17218 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
38 Olcott  New York, USA I27339 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
39 Stevens, Fred M  1 Jun 1915New York, USA I13396 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
40 Strodl, Vera Elsie  Aft 24 Aug 1946New York, USA I26784 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Passport    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dowling, Kathleen Barry  26 Jul 1951New York, USA I20723 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Dowling, Michael John  18 Jun 1919New York, USA I20717 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Religion    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dowling, Edward  23 Apr 1912New York, USA I19383 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Dowling, Walter J  Bef 16 Oct 1939New York, USA I2164 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cuddeback, Maria  1864New York, USA I16869 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Dinsmore, Thursa  New York, USA I27327 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
3 Doolan, Michael  Bef 1835New York, USA I5036 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
4 Dowling, John  19 Feb 1903New York, USA I12852 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
5 Dowling, Margaret  Between 1920 and 1927New York, USA I25976 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
6 Dowling, Michael  Aft 3 Sep 1783New York, USA I27330 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
7 Dowling, William Warren  1861New York, USA I27586 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
8 Glennon, Luke  1942New York, USA I13948 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
9 Hamilton, Elizabeth  1861New York, USA I27587 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
10 Mullaney, Mary Anne  Aft 25 Sep 1902New York, USA I23841 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
11 Murphy, Annie  21 Jun 1899New York, USA I5060 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
12 Myars, James Albert  3 Jul 1865New York, USA I18309 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
13 Russell, Mary  19 Feb 1903New York, USA I12853 Dowling-One-Name-Study 

Social Security Number

Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Social Security Number    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dowlen, Anna  New York, USA I1198 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Dowling, Bernard F  Between 1957 and 1959New York, USA I16303 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
3 Dowling, Bridget Elizabeth  New York, USA I935 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
4 Dowling, Charles Victor  Jan 1937New York, USA I17220 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
5 Dowling, Florence Catherine Elizabeth  Oct 1937New York, USA I4008 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
6 Dowling, Frederick James  New York, USA I12867 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
7 Dowling, John Joseph  1951New York, USA I15889 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
8 Dowling, Noel Thomas  New York, USA I11883 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
9 Dowling, Thomas S  Bef 1951New York, USA I22516 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
10 Kwiatkowki, Joseph Francis  Bef 1951New York, USA I15930 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Unspecified    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dowling, Bartholomew Joseph  New York, USA I23840 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    _DEST    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dowling, Catherine  22 Dec 1855New York, USA I10265 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Perya, Lucile Marie  12 Apr 1946New York, USA I28310 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    _MILT    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hitler, William Patrick  Apr 1944New York, USA I937 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Dennis / King  1821New York, USA F17857 Dowling-One-Name-Study