Dowling One Name Study

Illinois, USA


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Latitude: 39.7333, Longitude: -88.5


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Private  1916Illinois, USA I25396 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2   Illinois, USA I25400 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
3   Illinois, USA I25401 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
4   Illinois, USA I9863 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
5 Cobeion, Albert  Jul 1891Illinois, USA I22235 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
6 Cobeion, Joseph  Apr 1890Illinois, USA I22229 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
7 Doolin, Clara W.  22 Dec 1865Illinois, USA I12971 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
8 Doolin, Daniel  Abt 1823Illinois, USA I1384 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
9 Doolin, Elizabeth Frances "Eliza"  1855Illinois, USA I12974 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
10 Doolin, George W  Between Jun and Aug 1850Illinois, USA I12970 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
11 Doolin, Isham W  1858Illinois, USA I12973 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
12 Doolin, John  1875Illinois, USA I1410 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
13 Doolin, John Wesly  1846Illinois, USA I12968 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
14 Doolin, Mary  1847Illinois, USA I12969 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
15 Doolin, William Edward  1868Illinois, USA I1408 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
16 Dowling, Alice  1871Illinois, USA I7055 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
17 Dowling, Bella M  1899Illinois, USA I29138 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
18 Dowling, Catherine M  18 Oct 1899Illinois, USA I18646 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
19 Dowling, Charles  1874Illinois, USA I12215 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
20 Dowling, David W  Dec 1869Illinois, USA I12211 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
21 Dowling, Edward  1860Illinois, USA I25050 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
22 Dowling, Elizabeth  30 Aug 1849Illinois, USA I1491 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
23 Dowling, Ella  Apr 1881Illinois, USA I12209 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
24 Dowling, Frank R  Aug 1874Illinois, USA I12212 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
25 Dowling, Hannah  1869Illinois, USA I25146 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
26 Dowling, James  1875Illinois, USA I25052 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
27 Dowling, James  Jan 1880Illinois, USA I25663 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
28 Dowling, Katie L  1856Illinois, USA I25053 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
29 Dowling, Lena  Jul 1893Illinois, USA I25065 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
30 Dowling, Louise D  1895Illinois, USA I11484 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
31 Dowling, Maggie  1878Illinois, USA I25662 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
32 Dowling, Mamie  1876Illinois, USA I25661 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
33 Dowling, Margrate  Apr 1880Illinois, USA I12216 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
34 Dowling, Mary  1864Illinois, USA I25143 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
35 Dowling, Mathew J  Abt 1902Illinois, USA I18649 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
36 Dowling, Sarah Margarette  1862Illinois, USA I25142 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
37 Dowling, Walter J  May 1878Illinois, USA I12210 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
38 Dukes, James Marshall  Illinois, USA I27664 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
39 Dulan, Hardy T  1850Illinois, USA I13044 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
40 Dulan, Isabelle  1852Illinois, USA I13045 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
41 Dulan, John D  1850Illinois, USA I13043 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
42 Dulan, Sally  1847Illinois, USA I13042 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
43 Dulan, Samuel M  1845Illinois, USA I13041 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
44 Dulin, Alice  1855Illinois, USA I26066 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
45 Dulin, Bluford L  1844Illinois, USA I26058 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
46 Dulin, Hannah  1857Illinois, USA I26055 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
47 Dulin, Harriet  1857Illinois, USA I26054 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
48 Dulin, Harry  1878Illinois, USA I26067 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
49 Dulin, Hiram  1842Illinois, USA I26057 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
50 Dulin, Jasper  1852Illinois, USA I26060 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
51 Dulin, Olive  1862Illinois, USA I26056 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
52 Dulin, Sarah M  1855Illinois, USA I26052 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
53 Dulin, Sylvester  1853Illinois, USA I26053 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
54 Dulin, William  1848Illinois, USA I26059 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
55 Dwyer, Francis  1873Illinois, USA I13868 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
56 Dwyer, Joseph  1867Illinois, USA I13866 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
57 Dwyer, Kate  1869Illinois, USA I13867 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
58 Fisher, Amelia Ann  Jan 1845Illinois, USA I22292 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
59 Fisher, John L  1839Illinois, USA I22284 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
60 Fisher, Martha Melinda  6 Apr 1837Illinois, USA I22277 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
61 Fisher, Rosanna  Abt 1831Illinois, USA I22273 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
62 Frye, Clara Ella  8 Nov 1874Illinois, USA I25397 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
63 Gaddis, Jesse G  1878Illinois, USA I28927 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
64 Gaddis, Marion C  1899Illinois, USA I28928 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
65 Gaddis, Roy Emmett  1901Illinois, USA I28929 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
66 Goins, Elmer  Jun 1894Illinois, USA I22232 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
67 Goins, Stanton  Apr 1896Illinois, USA I22233 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
68 Goins, Susie  Feb 1876Illinois, USA I22231 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
69 Gross, Clara  1869Illinois, USA I27641 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
70 Heath, Ruby Ethel  26 Mar 1898Illinois, USA I25394 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
71 Heath, Vernon  1906Illinois, USA I25402 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
72 Hettiger, Alice Theresa  1 Jul 1868Illinois, USA I18645 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
73 Hornstein, Julia  Apr 1866Illinois, USA I25063 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
74 Mason, George  Abt 1869Illinois, USA I22282 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
75 Mason, Ina D  1876Illinois, USA I22283 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
76 McCarthy, Catherine  Mar 1851Illinois, USA I12207 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
77 Miller, Mary Edna  20 May 1905Illinois, USA I26631 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
78 Moore, Mary Rebecca  26 Feb 1869Illinois, USA I2986 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
79 Pemberton,   Between 1856 and 1859Illinois, USA I28933 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
80 Pemberton, Daisy M  1907Illinois, USA I28925 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
81 Pemberton, Harry W  Apr 1860Illinois, USA I26844 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
82 Pemberton, Richard Carl  1909Illinois, USA I28921 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
83 Pemberton, Theodore T  1912Illinois, USA I28922 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
84 Pemberton, Thomas  1921Illinois, USA I28924 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
85 Pemberton, William  1920Illinois, USA I28923 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
86 Rackett, Grace A  1900Illinois, USA I4818 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
87 Rackett, LaMoine  1 Dec 1889Illinois, USA I4817 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
88 Riley, Edward  1859Illinois, USA I25669 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
89 Riley, Ellen  1864Illinois, USA I25671 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
90 Riley, James  1867Illinois, USA I25673 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
91 Riley, Mary J  1861Illinois, USA I25670 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
92 Riley, Thomas  1869Illinois, USA I25674 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
93 Riley, William  1866Illinois, USA I25672 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
94 Schick, Andrew  1899Illinois, USA I9868 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
95 Schick, Barbara  1896Illinois, USA I9866 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
96 Schick, Bertha  Dec 1893Illinois, USA I9872 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
97 Schick, Dagmar  1895Illinois, USA I9880 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
98 Schick, Frances  1915Illinois, USA I9879 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
99 Schick, Frank  1893Illinois, USA I9865 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
100 Schick, Louise  1898Illinois, USA I9867 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
101 Schick, Walter  May 1888Illinois, USA I9871 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
102 Shaddrick, Leroy  1836Illinois, USA I22291 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
103 Snowden, Esther  1894Illinois, USA I22297 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
104 Stark, Sophia M  1871Illinois, USA I25069 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
105 Thrape, Everetta  1860Illinois, USA I26845 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
106 Walsh, Frank  Apr 1879Illinois, USA I13883 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
107 Walsh, Keyron  1872Illinois, USA I13881 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
108 Walsh, William  Sep 1876Illinois, USA I13882 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
109 Waters, Josephine  1867Illinois, USA I22294 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
110 Williams, Nancy E  1849Illinois, USA I20029 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
111 Zeman, Abbie C  20 Aug 1873Illinois, USA I25092 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
112 Zeman, Vancel J  1876Illinois, USA I25093 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dowling, Frances  31 Oct 1949Illinois, USA I12495 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Pemberton,   Between 1856 and 1859Illinois, USA I28933 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
3 Turner, Robert Oliver  27 Oct 1894Illinois, USA I25104 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
4 White, Mary Ann  4 Nov 1886Illinois, USA I25048 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cobeion, Joe  Illinois, USA I22227 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Cobeion, Joseph  1889Illinois, USA I22229 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
3 Cobeion, Joseph  1891Illinois, USA I22229 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
4 Doolin, Benjamin  1844Illinois, USA I12967 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
5 Doolin, Dolly  1839Illinois, USA I12965 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
6 Doolin, John Wesly  1844Illinois, USA I12968 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
7 Doolin, Lucinda  1842Illinois, USA I12966 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
8 Doolin, Martha  1836Illinois, USA I12964 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
9 Dowling, Cecil B  1888Illinois, USA I9224 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
10 Dowling, Charles Thomas  Illinois, USA I5241 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
11 Dowling, David W  Oct 1871Illinois, USA I12211 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
12 Dowling, Edward  1859Illinois, USA I25050 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
13 Dowling, Eugene H  Nov 1879Illinois, USA I8426 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
14 Dowling, Frank Grover  1888Illinois, USA I5242 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
15 Dowling, Frank R  1872Illinois, USA I12212 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
16 Dowling, Katie L  1855Illinois, USA I25053 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
17 Dowling, Mary J  Illinois, USA I8428 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
18 Dowling, Mary J  Illinois, USA I8428 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
19 Dowling, Walter J  1878Illinois, USA I12210 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
20 Dulin, Bluford L  1845Illinois, USA I26058 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
21 Dulin, Bluford L  Jun 1847Illinois, USA I26058 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
22 Dulin, Hannah  1858Illinois, USA I26055 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
23 Dulin, Harriet  1858Illinois, USA I26054 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
24 Dulin, Hiram  1843Illinois, USA I26057 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
25 Dulin, James  1828Illinois, USA I26061 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
26 Dulin, Sarah M  1856Illinois, USA I26052 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
27 Dulin, Sylvester  1854Illinois, USA I26053 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
28 Goins, Sarah Emiline  1857Illinois, USA I22220 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
29 Heath, Ruby Ethel  1903Illinois, USA I25394 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
30 McCarthy, Catherine  Illinois, USA I12207 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
31 McCarthy, Catherine  1844Illinois, USA I12207 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
32 McCarthy, Catherine  1846Illinois, USA I12207 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
33 Otto, Nettie Caroline  Illinois, USA I8438 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
34 Pemberton, Harry W  1858Illinois, USA I26844 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
35 Pemberton, Harry W  Dec 1860Illinois, USA I26844 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
36 Pemberton, Harry W  1861Illinois, USA I26844 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
37 Pemberton, Richard Carl  1910Illinois, USA I28921 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
38 Pemberton, Theodore Chenoweth  1881Illinois, USA I26842 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
39 Pemberton, Theodore Chenoweth  1889Illinois, USA I26842 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
40 Phalin, William J  1886Illinois, USA I22228 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
41 Schick, Andrew  Oct 1897Illinois, USA I9868 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
42 Schick, Charles Adam  Sep 1890Illinois, USA I9856 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
43 Schick, Charles Adam  1891Illinois, USA I9856 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
44 Schick, Charles Adam  1891Illinois, USA I9856 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
45 Schick, Elizabeth  Illinois, USA I9864 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
46 Schick, Frank  Feb 1893Illinois, USA I9865 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
47 Schick, Jacob  Illinois, USA I9874 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
48 Schick, Louise  Apr 1895Illinois, USA I9867 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
49 Schick, Walter  1889Illinois, USA I9871 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
50 Schick, Walter  1889Illinois, USA I9871 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
51 Wilcox, Nancy  1841Illinois, USA I26847 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
52 Zeman, Mary B  Jun 1880Illinois, USA I25094 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dowling, Levi H  Illinois, USA I1098 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dowling, Charles S  Between 1933 and 1976Illinois, USA I25134 Dowling-One-Name-Study 

Social Security Number

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Social Security Number    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dowling, Mary M  Illinois, USA I12098 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Schick, Charles  Illinois, USA I9858 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
3 Schick, Walter  Illinois, USA I9871 Dowling-One-Name-Study 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    _MILT    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dowling, Nicholas  Between 15 Jul and 6 Sep 1832Illinois, USA I22452 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 Dowling, Nicholas  19 May 1832Illinois, USA I22452 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
3 Dulin, Bluford L  Between 1861 and 1865Illinois, USA I26058 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
4 Dulin, Bluford L  Between 1861 and 1865Illinois, USA I26058 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
5 Dulin, Bluford L  Between 1861 and 1865Illinois, USA I26058 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
6 Dulin, Bluford L  Between 1861 and 1865Illinois, USA I26058 Dowling-One-Name-Study