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Fearann ua n-Dunlaing shown in north Laois, Ireland

The original territory of the family was at Fearann ua n-Dunlaing (O'Dowling's Country). This area covered along Western bank of the River Barrow. The O'Dowling's were one of the Seven Septs of Leix, significant families in the County once called Queen's County.

This is all for the Irish ancestry, BUT if you are a Dowling and variation of American or Middle English origin then in association with Oxford University Press' Dictionary of American Family Names are promoting that you are descended from a "stupid person'. If you disagree please complain to or for exclusively using this reference so I am not alone! Click here for more on this.


This site is generally a genealogical site and deals with the Dowling family name, history and origins, research into the name Dowling (One-Name-Study) and other name related information.

If you are a Dowling, Doolin, Doolan, Dooling or other variation this could be of interest to you...

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