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Glasseen, Bridget

Glasseen, Bridget

Female 1804 - 1855  (51 years)

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  • Name Glasseen, Bridget 
    Birth 1782 
    Born 1804 
    Gender Female 
    Death 1842 
    Reference Number 4187 
    Died Jan 1855  At sea Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • "The Guiding Star"
    Person ID I4187  Dowling-One-Name-Study
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    Family Dowling, John,   b. 1789,   d. Jan 1855, At sea Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 66 years) 
     1. Dowling, William,   b. Abt 1822,   d. 1900  (Age ~ 78 years)  [natural]
     2. Dowling, Michael,   b. Abt 1826,   d. 1855, At sea Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 29 years)  [natural]
     3. Dowling, John,   b. Bef 3 Jul 1830, Ballylooby, Tipperary, Ireland Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. DECEASED  [natural]
     4. Dowling, Edmund,   b. Bef 10 Feb 1833, Ballylooby, Tipperary, Ireland Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 1842  (Age > 8 years)  [natural]
     5. Dowling, James,   b. Abt 1840,   d. 1855, At sea Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 15 years)  [natural]
    Last Modified 9 Jul 2019 
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      -----Original Message-----
      From: Mick Dowling []
      Sent: 18 September 2000 12:42
      To: Brian Dowling
      Subject: Re: Tipperary Dowlings

      Hi Brian

      Eventually I did get through to your website.

      Although we go by the name Dowling, with the variety of spellings, the Gaelic name is actually Dubhlainn as far as I can tell. That's a fair bit different to Dunlaing the Co.Laois name. Quite inconvenient really, because there seems to be plenty of info about the Laois Dowlings but not much about Dubhlainn.

      My 1760s Michael Dowling was a Tubbrid man. Whether he was born there or not I don't know. Certainly there are only 2 Dowling graves at Tubbrid, only one related. At Castlegrace a few miles south there are 4. One is a memorial to relatives lost at sea in 1855. The other 3 I don't know who they are, although one mentions a Michael Dowling of Tubbrid.

      Erected by John and William Dowling of Victoria Australia
      In memory of their parents
      John Dowling
      Died 1842 aged 65 years.
      Died 1842 aged 60 years.
      Their brothers
      Michael Died 1842 aged 28 years.
      Edmund Died 1842 aged 17 years.
      James Died 1842 aged 14 years.
      Their cousins Bridget Glasheen
      Died 1842 Aged 20 years.
      William Fraher
      Died 1896 aged 60 years
      their Aunt Mary Fraher
      Died 1881 Aged 82 Years
      Also Judith Aherne
      Died 1842 Aged 20 years

      Sacred to the memory of
      John Dowling son of Michael Dowling
      of Clonmel Merchant and grandson of
      John Dowling of Tubbrid who died April
      1841 Aged One Year 9 Mths and 13 days

      Loving Memory
      The Dowling Family
      Kate 1945
      Philip 1947
      John (Husband) 1949

      John (Son) 1959

      Here Lies the Body
      of John Doling who died
      Janury 7 1760 Aged 84.
      His wife Margt Goifr
      died 7 .7. 1747 aged
      55 years.

      I had about 1800 Dowlings on BK5, until my old computer got a virus, and my backup went too! That was about 4 years ago. I was so ticked off I didn't go near the Dowlings for several years! My brother has just found an earlier disk with about 1000 names which I plan on expanding on shortly.

      Any advice as the whether BK5 is the program to use or not would be appreciated.

      I have about 20 A4 pages of Dowling Families which I formed up from Baptism and Marriage details I got through WHS and Hibernian Researchers. I'll send that through to you if you like. I posted it to the Tipperary List about a month ago.

      There are some possibilities on the Hearth Money Rolls. Darby Dowly at Rochestown, just a few miles east of Tubbrid. John and Michael Dowell at Neddans near Ardfinnan. When I looked through Laffans book on the Hearth Money Rolls, I wasn't quite up to speed on the variety of ways to spell the name, so I probably missed some others in the area. Even so if I had got them all, there's not much chance of positively making a connection with my mob.

      Cheers Mick Dowling
      -----Original Message-----
      From: Mick Dowling []
      Sent: 20 September 2000 13:03
      To: Brian Dowling
      Subject: Dowling etc

      Hi Brian

      Following are the families of Michael Dowling taken from my 'big list' of baptisms and marriages. The spelling of the surname is that used on the earliest documentation for that person.

      JOHN DOOLING 1789-January 1855 & Bridget Glasseen 1804-January 1855
      William. d.o.b. approximately 1822 going by his age of 78 years when he died in 1900
      as stated on Victorian Death Certificate No. 255.
      Michael. d.o.b. approximately 1826 going by his age of 29 years when he died in 1855
      aboard The Guiding Star.
      John. Baptised 3 July 1830 Ballylooby. No. 564 & HRC. Sp. Pat Keating,
      Judy Brien. Priest. John Walsh.
      Edmund. Baptised 10 February 1833 Ballylooby. No.1234 & HRC. Sp. John
      Keating, Honor Shine. (HRC Jim Keating, Honora Shine) Priest. N. Power.
      James. d.o.b. approximately 1840 going by his age of 15 years when he died in 1855
      aboard The Guiding Star.

      The Guiding Star. John and Bridget Dooling, sons Michael, Edmund, and James, nieces Judith Ahern, and Bridget Glasheen were all lost at sea in 1855. Not 1854 as the Lancefield Victoria monument states, nor 1842 as the Castlegrace Co.Tipperary monument states. Their ship The Guiding Star left Liverpool on 9 January 1855 sailing for Australia. According to The Age newspaper of the 8th of September 1855, the ship was last spoken off the Brazilian coast at lat.16S, lon. 34W, on 12 February 1855. The ship was last sighted at about lat. 44S, lon.25W. in about April 1855 sailing into the 60 mile wide bay of a horseshoe shaped iceberg, in which it must have become entrapped, and eventually sunk.

      ALICE DOWLING & Maurice Ahern
      John. d.o.b. approximately 1830. Age of 81 years at death in 1911.
      Judith. d.o.b. approximately 1835. Age of 20 years at death in 1855. See page
      6 The Guiding Star.
      Thomas. d.o.b. approximately 1838. New Zealand death certificate gives age of 55
      years at death in 1893. Unmarried. Parents names Maurice Ahern, Estate
      Agent, Alice Ahern, formerly Dowling. Griffiths Valuation shows Maurice
      living at Kildanoge in 1855.
      Ellen. Possibly another sister. Only evidence of her existence is her name and
      Kildanoge address in an old National School reader.

      MARY DOOLING (Twice married) -----------Scanlon & William Fraher.
      Mary Dooling & --------- Scanlon. No marriage record yet found.
      Mary. (Scanlon) No details known other than married Patrick Looby 10 November
      Mary Dooling & William Fraher. Married 5 March 1832 Ballylooby & Doughill. No.
      191 & HRC. Sp. James Halloran, Timothy Dooling. Priest. Michael Clancy.
      *Combined Parishes of Ballylooby & Doughill. Pr. Do Hill.
      William. (Fraher)Baptised Ballylooby 6 December 1832 Ballylooby. No.1168 & HRC.
      Sp. James Doolan, Margaret Fraher. Priest. N. Power.
      Michael. (Fraher) Baptised 5 June 1835 Ballylooby. No.1876. Sp. Michael Caffert,
      Margaret Fraher. (HRC Michael Clifford, Margaret Maher). Priest. M.
      Prendergast. *Mothers name spelt Dolan.
      Margaret. (Fraher) Baptised 31 August 1838 Ballylooby. No.2616. Sp. Timothy Dolan,
      Mary Slattery. Priest. N. Coghlan. *Mothers name spelt Dolan. *Possibly
      wed David Smith 1896.

      PATRICK DOOLING 1798-12 February 1878 & Johanna Divane 1798-10 Dec.1887
      Mary. d.o.b. approximately 1831. Arrived in Sydney aboard The David McIvor,
      19 May 1852, aged 18 yrs. Age of 60 years at death in 1881. Married Thomas
      Hackett in Sydney, 3 November 1853.
      Michael. d.o.b approximately 1832. Age of 79 years at death in 1919. Married Jane
      OKeffe 29 April 1862 Bendigo Victoria.
      James. Baptised 21 March 1833 Ballylooby. No.1272 & HRC. Sp. Patrick Wall,
      Mary Daniel. Priest. N. Power. *WHS spells the mothers name as Dunne, HRC
      as Divane. Its definitely Divane.

      JAMES DOOLING 1798-14 April 1885 & Mary Sullivan 1820-11 November 1884
      James Dooling & Mary Sullivan Married 25 November 1842. HRC. Wit. Thomas
      OBrien, Margaret Buckly.
      Michael. (Doolin) Baptised 25 May 1845 Ballylooby. No.4117. Sp. Michael Doolan,
      Ellen Connelly. (HRC James Doolan. Michael Doolin, Ellen Conneely).
      Priest. D. Quinlan.
      John. (Dooly) Baptised 22 May 1847 Ballylooby. No.4544. Sp. Thomas Dooly,
      Brigid McGrath. Priest. Patrick McGrath. *Mothers name spelt Sulivan.
      Mary. (Doolan) Baptised 1 November 1849. No.4857. Sp. Jeremiah Sulivan,
      Ellen Sulivan. (HRC James and Ellen Sulivan). Priest. Patrick McGrath.
      Ellen. (Doolan) Baptised 7 April 1852 Ballylooby. No.5954. Sp. Patrick
      Prendergast, Mary Looby. Priest. Jeremiah Long.
      William. (Dowling) Baptised 27 August 1854 Ballylooby. No.5250. Sp. Daniel
      English, Mary English. Pries. James Power.
      Jeremiah. (Douling) Baptised 1 February 1857 Ballylooby. No.5434. Sp. Edmund
      English, Brigid English. Priest. James Power.
      Thomas. (Douling) Baptised 24 December 1859 Ballylooby. No.5725. Sp. Peter
      Ryan, Margaret English. Priest. W. Hickey.
      Brigid. (Doolon) Baptised 1 August 1863 Ballylooby. No.6103. Sp. Michael
      Anglin, Ellen Hally. Priest. W. Hickey.
      Annie. Married James Carr. Victoria.

      THOMAS DOOLING 1808-23 October 1901 & Mary Hyland 1825-10 January 1902
      My great great grand parents.
      Thomas Dooling & Mary Hyland. Married 4 February 1845 Ballylooby. No.1243.
      Wit. Edmund Ryan, Honor Dwan. Priest. M. Prendergast.
      Michael. (Dowling) My great grandfather. Baptised 7 October 1845 Ballylooby.
      No.4196. (Entry shows 1843, but the sequence of numbers shows this is
      incorrect. HRC entry shows 1845.) Sponsors names are not shown in either
      the WHS or HRC entry. Priest. J. Power.
      Mary. (Dowling) Baptised 24 January 1847 Ballylooby. No.4474. & HRC. Sp.
      William Dowling, Mary Brien. Priest. Thomas Qualy. * Mothers name spelt
      Heelan (WHS), Heelam (HRC). *Ballyhohan.
      Alice. (Dowling) Baptised 1 December 1850 Ballylooby. No.4954 & HRC. Sp.
      Peter ODonnell, Alice Prendergast. Priest. J. Long. *5/- stipend. Died in
      Ireland as a child.
      Robert? (Doolin) Baptised 11 February 1852 Ballylooby. No.5040. Sp. Patrick
      Prendergast, Helen Prendergast. Priest E.P. * Name is noted as illegible.
      Robert died in Australia in 1875 from the effects of Typhoid fever.
      *5/- stipend.
      James. (Dowling) 1 of 3 children whose Baptismal records havent been located, but
      are noted on the 1901 Victorian Death Certificate No.14256 of their father
      Thomas Dowling. Possibly died as infants prior to Baptism, as they arent
      recorded as emigrating to Australia.
      John. (Dowling) As above.
      William. (Dowling) Baptised 22 May 1857 Ballylooby. No.5460. Sp. Stephen Walsh,
      Brigid Keating. Priest. James Power.
      Timothy. Baptised 14 June 1860 Ballylooby. No.5785. Sp. Stephen Dooling, Johanna
      Corbett. Priest. W. Hickey. *Stipend 2/-
      Ellen. Baptised 13 October 1862 Ballylooby. No.6017. Sp. Michael Shine, Catherine
      Harrigan. Priest. E. Walshe. *Stipend 2/-.
      Brigid. Baptised 18 January 1865 Ballylooby. No.6229. Sp. William Hally, Margaret
      Fraher. Priest. E. Walshe. * Stipend 2/-.
      Alice. (Dowling) Baptismal record not located. Alice died in Australia aged 17 in
      1887 from the effects of Typhoid fever.

      There you have it. Once I get around to putting all the tree on disk I'll send you a copy. Ditto with the updated family, currently on 25 A4 pages.

      The families left Ireland from about 1850, the first arriving in Sydney in 1852. The last to get here were my mob who arrived as late as 1875.

      Thanks for your opinion on software. I'll try and track down FTM. I've got Microsoft Access, I'll have a bit of a play around with that also.


      Mick Dowling