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McVey, Thomas

McVey, Thomas

Male Bef 1844 - DECEASED

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  • Name McVey, Thomas 
    Born Bef 1844 
    Gender Male 
    Reference Number 2332 
    Died DECEASED 
    Person ID I2332  Dowling-One-Name-Study
    Last Modified 9 Jul 2019 

    Family Dooley, Margaret,   b. Bef 1844,   d. DECEASED 
    Married 23 Feb 1860  USA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Last Modified 9 Jul 2019 
    Family ID F761  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

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    • [Dowling One Name Master.FTW]

      From: Joann []
      Sent: 19 March 1999 02:16
      Subject: [DOOLEY-L] some more Dooley Marriages

      States included are Indiana, Illinios, Kentucky, Ohio. Tennessee 1720 to 1926
      DOOLEY, Mary 16-MAY -1864 MORRISY, Michael
      DOOLEY, Julia 11-Nov-1854 BRIGGS, Edward
      DOOLEY, Martha 13-Dec-1852 McLaughlin, William J.
      DOOLEY, Mary Ann 25-May-1852 MORONY, Anthony
      DOOLEY, Elizabeth 16-Mar-1848 STANLEY, Aquilla W.
      DOOLEY, I.A. 14-Oct-1908 STRICKLER, Nellie B.
      DOOLEY, Eliz 14-Mar-1833 BUNCH, Jackson
      DOOLEY, Christena 15-Dec-1828 BUNCH, John
      DOOLEY, Serilda 20-Dec-1849 COTNER, Jacob
      DOOLEY, Mary C. 13-Jan-1848 DENBO, Robert
      DOOLEY, Moses 20=Apr-1843 RUFFNER, Elizabeth
      DOOLEY, Samual 06-July-1835 GREGORY, Malinda
      DOOLEY, Mary B. 28-Mar-1825 McKEE, John
      DOOLEY, KIRKHAN 18-Sep-1845 SMILEY, Margaret
      DOOLEY, Isham Jan-1824 STONE, Dicy
      DOOLEY, Palina 23-July-1841 MERRICK, Thomas B.
      DOOLEY, Polly 10-Feb-1826 STREET, John
      DOOLEY, George 12-July-1803 RITCHEY, Betsy
      DOOLEY, Moses 24-Feb-1802 DOWNEY, Phobe
      DOOLEY, Polly 18-Feb-1802 KIRKHAM, Samual
      DOOLEY, Sarah 06-Nov-1856 TURNHILL, James
      DOOLEY, Sophia 15-Dec-1842 DOOLEY, Charles E.
      DOOLEY, Henry 01-Jan-1825 MARSHON, Martha
      DOOLEY, Hiram 14-Jun-1829 NORTHCUTT, Sophia
      DOOLEY, Sally 20-Aug-1801 SCOTT, John
      DOOLEY, Samual 02-Aug-1818 ENLOW, Polly
      DOOLEY, Rhonda 14-Jun-1834 BROWN, Sampson
      DOOLEY, Lucinda 11-Oct-1832 JONATHAN, Peter
      DOOLEY, Malinda 09-Feb-1831 GUINN, Edmond
      DOOLEY, Samual J. 13-Dec-1836 CORNELISON, Eliza Ann
      DOOLEY, Dorcas 15-Feb-1810 EADES, Lewis
      DOOLEY, Gedeon 24-Jul-1817 McDANIEL, Polly
      DOOLEY, Hiram 24-Jan-1805 SEARCY, Lucy
      DOOLEY, Jacob 13-Mar-1910 SEARCY, Polly
      DOOLEY, Lucy 11-Mar-1819 NORWICK, John
      DOOLEY, Sally 26-Sep-1828 REEVES, Jermiah Jr.
      DOOLEY, Sophia 02-Oct-1827 GATSON, Mather
      DOOLEY, Linvill 08-Nov-1827 BIGGERS, Louisa
      DOOLEY, George J. 27-Dec-1849 SCOBEE, Mary
      DOOLEY, Obediah 14-Jun-1856 HIGHLAND, Hannah
      DOOLEY, Samual 09-Sep-1858 WALLIN, Mary F.
      DOOLEY, Henry C. 16-Aug-1880 CRUME, Florence S.
      DOOLEY, Margaret 23-Feb-1860 McVEY, Thomas
      DOOLEY, Mary M. 05-Jan-1860 McCORMICK, Henry
      DOOLEY, Nancy 17-Jan-1858 McCORMICK, Bernard
      DOOLEY, Susannah 20-Jul-1861 MILES, Moses
      DOOLEY, Martin L 18-Dec-1833 BLOOMFIELD, Sarah Jane
      DOOLEY, Milley 31-Oct-1833 DAVIS, Daniel
      DOOLEY, William M. 18-Jan-1831 DAVIS, Sinah Adaline
      DOOLEY, Cyrus 13-Jan-1835 HILL, Eliza
      DOOLEY, Miriam 01-Jan-1840 JOHNSON, Charles K.
      DOOLEY, Nancy 22-Mar-1836 SPERRY, Jacob L.
      DOOLEY, Nancy 16-May-1939 SWITZER, Jonathon
      DOOLEY, Orpah 23-Jan-1834 ROWLEY, Russel L.
      DOOLEY, Phebe 08-Aug-1834 SHANNON, John
      DOOLEY, Rachel 14-Sep-1837 HARDY, Curtis
      DOOLEY, Silas S. 19-Oct-1837 LANDON< Sarah Ann
      DOOLEY, Peter 16-Oct-1886 BATES, Sally
      DOOLEY, M.J. 21-Apr-1879 COCHRAN, J.B.
      DOOLEY, J.B. 15-Mar-1882 STONECIPHER, E.
      DOOLEY, Flora Ethel 19-May-1900 GLENN, Robert C.
      DOOLEY, Mack Henry 21-Sep-1880 MOONEY, Mary A.
      DOOLEY, Margaret Pearl 30-Oct-1900 ROSS, John W.A.
      DOOLEY, Caty 06-Nov-1805 BELL, Thomas
      DOOLEY, Jacob 23-Jun-1812 HARRIS, Susan
      DOOLEY, Michael 16-Jan-1810 WILLIAMS, Eliza
      DOOLEY, George 11-Aug-1830 JACKSON, Emily

      This is the end of the DOOLEY's on this list of states. Hopefully it will help someone.