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McVey, Thomas

Male Bef 1844 - DECEASED

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  • Name McVey, Thomas 
    Born Bef 1844 
    Gender Male 
    Reference Number 2332 
    Died DECEASED 
    Person ID I2332  Dowling-One-Name-Study
    Last Modified 17 Feb 2019 

    Family Dooley, Margaret,   b. Bef 1844,   d. DECEASED 
    Married 23 Feb 1860  USA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Last Modified 17 Feb 2019 
    Family ID F761  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

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    • [Dowling One Name Master.FTW]

      From: Joann []
      Sent: 19 March 1999 02:16
      Subject: [DOOLEY-L] some more Dooley Marriages

      States included are Indiana, Illinios, Kentucky, Ohio. Tennessee 1720 to 1926
      DOOLEY, Mary 16-MAY -1864 MORRISY, Michael
      DOOLEY, Julia 11-Nov-1854 BRIGGS, Edward
      DOOLEY, Martha 13-Dec-1852 McLaughlin, William J.
      DOOLEY, Mary Ann 25-May-1852 MORONY, Anthony
      DOOLEY, Elizabeth 16-Mar-1848 STANLEY, Aquilla W.
      DOOLEY, I.A. 14-Oct-1908 STRICKLER, Nellie B.
      DOOLEY, Eliz 14-Mar-1833 BUNCH, Jackson
      DOOLEY, Christena 15-Dec-1828 BUNCH, John
      DOOLEY, Serilda 20-Dec-1849 COTNER, Jacob
      DOOLEY, Mary C. 13-Jan-1848 DENBO, Robert
      DOOLEY, Moses 20=Apr-1843 RUFFNER, Elizabeth
      DOOLEY, Samual 06-July-1835 GREGORY, Malinda
      DOOLEY, Mary B. 28-Mar-1825 McKEE, John
      DOOLEY, KIRKHAN 18-Sep-1845 SMILEY, Margaret
      DOOLEY, Isham Jan-1824 STONE, Dicy
      DOOLEY, Palina 23-July-1841 MERRICK, Thomas B.
      DOOLEY, Polly 10-Feb-1826 STREET, John
      DOOLEY, George 12-July-1803 RITCHEY, Betsy
      DOOLEY, Moses 24-Feb-1802 DOWNEY, Phobe
      DOOLEY, Polly 18-Feb-1802 KIRKHAM, Samual
      DOOLEY, Sarah 06-Nov-1856 TURNHILL, James
      DOOLEY, Sophia 15-Dec-1842 DOOLEY, Charles E.
      DOOLEY, Henry 01-Jan-1825 MARSHON, Martha
      DOOLEY, Hiram 14-Jun-1829 NORTHCUTT, Sophia
      DOOLEY, Sally 20-Aug-1801 SCOTT, John
      DOOLEY, Samual 02-Aug-1818 ENLOW, Polly
      DOOLEY, Rhonda 14-Jun-1834 BROWN, Sampson
      DOOLEY, Lucinda 11-Oct-1832 JONATHAN, Peter
      DOOLEY, Malinda 09-Feb-1831 GUINN, Edmond
      DOOLEY, Samual J. 13-Dec-1836 CORNELISON, Eliza Ann
      DOOLEY, Dorcas 15-Feb-1810 EADES, Lewis
      DOOLEY, Gedeon 24-Jul-1817 McDANIEL, Polly
      DOOLEY, Hiram 24-Jan-1805 SEARCY, Lucy
      DOOLEY, Jacob 13-Mar-1910 SEARCY, Polly
      DOOLEY, Lucy 11-Mar-1819 NORWICK, John
      DOOLEY, Sally 26-Sep-1828 REEVES, Jermiah Jr.
      DOOLEY, Sophia 02-Oct-1827 GATSON, Mather
      DOOLEY, Linvill 08-Nov-1827 BIGGERS, Louisa
      DOOLEY, George J. 27-Dec-1849 SCOBEE, Mary
      DOOLEY, Obediah 14-Jun-1856 HIGHLAND, Hannah
      DOOLEY, Samual 09-Sep-1858 WALLIN, Mary F.
      DOOLEY, Henry C. 16-Aug-1880 CRUME, Florence S.
      DOOLEY, Margaret 23-Feb-1860 McVEY, Thomas
      DOOLEY, Mary M. 05-Jan-1860 McCORMICK, Henry
      DOOLEY, Nancy 17-Jan-1858 McCORMICK, Bernard
      DOOLEY, Susannah 20-Jul-1861 MILES, Moses
      DOOLEY, Martin L 18-Dec-1833 BLOOMFIELD, Sarah Jane
      DOOLEY, Milley 31-Oct-1833 DAVIS, Daniel
      DOOLEY, William M. 18-Jan-1831 DAVIS, Sinah Adaline
      DOOLEY, Cyrus 13-Jan-1835 HILL, Eliza
      DOOLEY, Miriam 01-Jan-1840 JOHNSON, Charles K.
      DOOLEY, Nancy 22-Mar-1836 SPERRY, Jacob L.
      DOOLEY, Nancy 16-May-1939 SWITZER, Jonathon
      DOOLEY, Orpah 23-Jan-1834 ROWLEY, Russel L.
      DOOLEY, Phebe 08-Aug-1834 SHANNON, John
      DOOLEY, Rachel 14-Sep-1837 HARDY, Curtis
      DOOLEY, Silas S. 19-Oct-1837 LANDON< Sarah Ann
      DOOLEY, Peter 16-Oct-1886 BATES, Sally
      DOOLEY, M.J. 21-Apr-1879 COCHRAN, J.B.
      DOOLEY, J.B. 15-Mar-1882 STONECIPHER, E.
      DOOLEY, Flora Ethel 19-May-1900 GLENN, Robert C.
      DOOLEY, Mack Henry 21-Sep-1880 MOONEY, Mary A.
      DOOLEY, Margaret Pearl 30-Oct-1900 ROSS, John W.A.
      DOOLEY, Caty 06-Nov-1805 BELL, Thomas
      DOOLEY, Jacob 23-Jun-1812 HARRIS, Susan
      DOOLEY, Michael 16-Jan-1810 WILLIAMS, Eliza
      DOOLEY, George 11-Aug-1830 JACKSON, Emily

      This is the end of the DOOLEY's on this list of states. Hopefully it will help someone.