Dowling One Name Study



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 #   Repository ID   Name   Tree 
1 R26 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
2 R42 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
3 R32 Australian Govt. Dowling-One-Name-Study 
4 R23 Bedford County Records Office, Shire Hall Dowling-One-Name-Study 
5 R9 Brian Dowling Library Dowling-One-Name-Study 
6 R20 Brian Thomas Dowling (1955- ) Dowling-One-Name-Study 
7 R58 British Libray India Office Dowling-One-Name-Study 
8 R47 British Newspaper Archive Dowling-One-Name-Study 
9 R6 CD ROM Dowling-One-Name-Study 
10 R37 Charlotte County Provincial Archives Dowling-One-Name-Study 
11 R11 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Dowling-One-Name-Study 
12 R15 Clonenagh Cemetery, Mountrath, Leix, Ireland Dowling-One-Name-Study 
13 R30 Dillons Bookshop, Hatfield Dowling-One-Name-Study 
14 R55 eBay Dowling-One-Name-Study 
15 R5 Family Records Centre - UK Dowling-One-Name-Study 
16 R8 Family Records Centre, 1 Myddelton Street, London EC1R 1UW Dowling-One-Name-Study 
17 R53 Family Search Dowling-One-Name-Study 
18 R52 FamilySearch Dowling-One-Name-Study 
19 R63 Find A Grave Dowling-One-Name-Study 
20 R51 Find My Past Dowling-One-Name-Study 
21 R56 Forces War Records Dowling-One-Name-Study 
22 R59 FreeBMD Dowling-One-Name-Study 
23 R54 FreeBMD - Dowling-One-Name-Study 
24 R34 General Register Office Dowling-One-Name-Study 
25 R28 Gravestone Dowling-One-Name-Study 
26 R12 Gravestone set flat in ground north-west of church near path Dowling-One-Name-Study 
27 R14 Gravestone set flat in ground north-west of church near path of Ashford Carbonel Cemetery, Dowling-One-Name-Study 
28 R13 Gravestone set in ground north-west of church near path Dowling-One-Name-Study 
29 R61 Guild of One Name Studies Dowling-One-Name-Study 
30 R1 Hertfordshire County Records Office, Hertford, UK Dowling-One-Name-Study 
31 R10 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
32 R22 Hyde Park Family History Centre, 64-68 Exhibition Road, London SW7 2PA. Dowling-One-Name-Study 
33 R2 Ireland Dowling-One-Name-Study 
34 R18 Kyle Church Dowling-One-Name-Study 
35 R27 Laois Genealogy - Jane Lyons Dowling-One-Name-Study 
36 R46 [online database] Dowling-One-Name-Study 
37 R21 National Archive (UK) Dowling-One-Name-Study 
38 R35 National Archive of Ireland Dowling-One-Name-Study 
39 R60 National Archives of Ireland Genealogy Website Dowling-One-Name-Study 
40 R48 National Maritime Museum Dowling-One-Name-Study 
41 R4 National Records Office, London Dowling-One-Name-Study 
42 R33 Office of the Registrar General Dowling-One-Name-Study 
43 R25 On-line Dowling-One-Name-Study 
44 R44 Presidency of Bengal Dowling-One-Name-Study 
45 R41 Principal Probate Registry Dublin Dowling-One-Name-Study 
46 R57 Register General's Office Dowling-One-Name-Study 
47 R38 Registro Civil Dowling-One-Name-Study 
48 R62 Resource Owned by Brian Thomas Dowling (1955-) Dowling-One-Name-Study 
49 R39 S&N Genealogy Supplies 2008 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
50 R40 Scotland's People Dowling-One-Name-Study 
51 R45 Sheffield Archives & Local Studies Dowling-One-Name-Study 
52 R64 South Carolina Department of Archives and History Dowling-One-Name-Study 
53 R16 St. Alban's Public Library, St. Albans, Hertfordshire. Dowling-One-Name-Study 
54 R31 St. Andrew's Church, St. Andrew's Street, Hertford, Hertfordshire, UK Dowling-One-Name-Study 
55 R49 Staffordshire County Archives Dowling-One-Name-Study 
56 R43 State of Ohio Dowling-One-Name-Study 
57 R50 The Genealogist Dowling-One-Name-Study 
58 R3 UK Family History Centre Dowling-One-Name-Study 
59 R19 Valuation Office, 6 Ely place, Dublin 2. Fax: 6789646 Dowling-One-Name-Study 
60 R36 Worcestershire History Centre Dowling-One-Name-Study 
61 R29 Dowling-One-Name-Study